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Computer Memory Tips- Free Interesting Facts For Computer Memory Price

December 4, 2015

Buying pc upgrades is able to be confusing. Purchasing computer memory is ready to be even trickier. But armed with the right knowledge, even the the majority novice pc user will be ready to get pc memory with confidence.

The pc firmware initiates a reset following saving the data; the personal computer technique determines whether a prevailing reset is firmware initiated; if the existing reset is firmware initiated, the personal computer technique copies the info at the 1st memory controller having the first memory controller to employ the first pc memory, and uses the first pc memory to initialize the second memory controller to employ the second pc memory; and if the current reset isn’t firmware initiated, the pc system generates the information that enable the first memory controller to use the 1st computer memory, and saves the configuration info in the memory space.

If you really suffer ever been trying to run two or three plans at once on your computer, and it appears to get exceedingly slow and sluggish, you actually may also suffer a pc memory issue. Computers suffer a pair of sorts of memory, and both also are exceedingly vital if you really accomplish many of your day’s activities on a personal computer.

RAM: We will be ready to upgrade the memory of the personal computer by the adding further RAM at the memory slots during motherboard during order to increase the overall performance of the computer. Random Access Memory (RAM) is the sort of info storage during the computer during which any storage location can be accessed directly. Both the size and capacity of RAM are reduce than the difficult disk.

Motherboards having 4 memory slots: A few motherboards suffer 4 RAM slots. So, we would believe that we will be in a position to attach four GB of RAM at the personal computer which will greatly increase the performance of the personal computer. Yes, we can connect 4 GB physically nonetheless a few of the of the 32-half operating strategies may also not supply the entire four GB RAM of memory to us in place it sets a part some part of the memory for internal uses and provides around 3 GB for us. Therefore, if we want to utilize all the memory slots for skyrocketing the performance the better choice is to connect two 1 GB memory modules to two slots and 2 512 MB memory modules to the remaining slots. Even if we add 4 1 GB memory modules to every of the slots we are also going to get the performance that is virtually same as three GB most effective. Therefore, we are also unnecessarily spending money on single 1 GB memory module.

Finally, the monitor is what you will stare at while using the computer. Broader and larger screens allow way more things to fit on the screen. LCD is the norm, 19 inch or bigger, large screen if practicable is what I recommend.

Dreambox Still Among The Digital Satellite Receiver

August 18, 2015

Dreambox produced by the German manufacturers’ is a device that works on the Linux operating system.Its software was originally developed for DBox2 by the Tux box project and Dream Multimedia. Dreambox is available in various models and all these are categorized into 3 types Terrestrial, Cable and Satellite.

The Dream Multimedia launched a series of models. The dreambox 500s was the smallest receiver which was developed in 2005-2006. But, it has now stopped developing due to the wide availability of Chinese dreambox clones in the market. The DM500 featured 32 MB RAM. There is no specification of flash memory size but it is probably 8 MB. Fake versions of DM500-S have been widely spread and are sold at a very closer price compared to the original one. Because of this, DM500+ came into existence by Dream Multimedia with some changes in order to avoid future fakes. This model has replaced RAM of 32 MB with 96 MB and 8 MB NOR flash with 32 MB of NAND flash.

Dreambox 800 HD is the second most popular dreambox which is the first High Definition receiver of Dream Multimedia in the market and currently it is the best seller of original receiver from Dream. Many failures made DM800 HD a poor build device. Its features include a DVB tuner with single plug-in, flash memory of 64 MiB, processor with the speed of 300 MHz MIPS, RAM size of 256 MiB and SATA 2.5 internally placed in the disk. Dreambox 800 HD also possesses a cable for conversion from DVI to HDMi, one eSATA, an OLED display and two USB 2.0.

Another much more liked dreambox model can be the dreambox HD which is the top range of dreambox. DM 8000 provides multiple High definition HD TV standards such as MPEG4/H.264. There is an excellent in-built device for power supply which has now solved all the problems related to PSU. There is also an inclusion of USB 2 hardware port along with the regular RS232 serial port and Fast Ethernet interface in DM8000 HD. The operating system is the open Linux system which is packaged within an easier to use form.

My Computer Is Not Responding! – Troubleshooting Computer Not Responding Problems

May 12, 2015

Computer Not Responding? When you try to open My Computer, IE, Firefox, Windows Media Player or other programs, suddenly it does not respond! Or when you are working or playing games on your computer, it freezes up for no reasons and programs are not responding. Why does this problem happen?

RAM and Virtual Memory

Normally this problem happens because of your running too many applications at the same time. If you run over 10 plus programs, this will lead to your inadequate RAM situation. Then some programs do not respond because of not being allocated enough RAM resources. You can increase your RAM or Virtual Memory to avoid the not responding problem. Follow the steps bellow:

1. Open Control Panel. Then double click System on the opening page and then click Advanced tab in System Properties window. Then click Settings in Performance area! And click Advanced tab in Performance Options window. Click Change and the Virtual Memory window opens.

2. Select the drive which Paging file is set. And click Custom size and change the size of page file. Initial size should be 1024 MB at least & max size should be not less than 2048 MB. And click Ok.

Then you successfully increase the Virtual Memory of your computer! But you need to check the your system below.

System or Program errors

If your RAM is more than 1 G but your computer is still experiencing not responding problem frequently, then the problem probably results from system or program errors. A lot of factors can lead to it, such as corrupt registry keys and values, Dll files and so on. They are very import to System performance but very fragile. When you use a computer after a long time, they are probably damaged and cause computer freezing, not responding, slow computer problems. It is vital to maintain your computer regularly to avoid and fix those problems.