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Computer Memory Tips- Free Interesting Facts For Computer Memory Price

December 4, 2015

Buying pc upgrades is able to be confusing. Purchasing computer memory is ready to be even trickier. But armed with the right knowledge, even the the majority novice pc user will be ready to get pc memory with confidence.

The pc firmware initiates a reset following saving the data; the personal computer technique determines whether a prevailing reset is firmware initiated; if the existing reset is firmware initiated, the personal computer technique copies the info at the 1st memory controller having the first memory controller to employ the first pc memory, and uses the first pc memory to initialize the second memory controller to employ the second pc memory; and if the current reset isn’t firmware initiated, the pc system generates the information that enable the first memory controller to use the 1st computer memory, and saves the configuration info in the memory space.

If you really suffer ever been trying to run two or three plans at once on your computer, and it appears to get exceedingly slow and sluggish, you actually may also suffer a pc memory issue. Computers suffer a pair of sorts of memory, and both also are exceedingly vital if you really accomplish many of your day’s activities on a personal computer.

RAM: We will be ready to upgrade the memory of the personal computer by the adding further RAM at the memory slots during motherboard during order to increase the overall performance of the computer. Random Access Memory (RAM) is the sort of info storage during the computer during which any storage location can be accessed directly. Both the size and capacity of RAM are reduce than the difficult disk.

Motherboards having 4 memory slots: A few motherboards suffer 4 RAM slots. So, we would believe that we will be in a position to attach four GB of RAM at the personal computer which will greatly increase the performance of the personal computer. Yes, we can connect 4 GB physically nonetheless a few of the of the 32-half operating strategies may also not supply the entire four GB RAM of memory to us in place it sets a part some part of the memory for internal uses and provides around 3 GB for us. Therefore, if we want to utilize all the memory slots for skyrocketing the performance the better choice is to connect two 1 GB memory modules to two slots and 2 512 MB memory modules to the remaining slots. Even if we add 4 1 GB memory modules to every of the slots we are also going to get the performance that is virtually same as three GB most effective. Therefore, we are also unnecessarily spending money on single 1 GB memory module.

Finally, the monitor is what you will stare at while using the computer. Broader and larger screens allow way more things to fit on the screen. LCD is the norm, 19 inch or bigger, large screen if practicable is what I recommend.

Benefits And Features of The Industrial Computer Enclosure

June 21, 2015

industrial computer enclosure is ideal for protecting your PC from
dust. The best protection for your computer in a hazardous environment
is the Armagard 400 series. It comes with a window frame that is about
22″ and can easily fit into any display that you choose. The PENC 400 is
a product of Armagard that is made from mild steel coated with powder.
It has a compartment with a sliding tray that is lockable. This allows
the use of the mouse and the key board. It provides a computer enclosure
that is dust proof which makes it an ideal choice for industrial and
factory areas. Such areas are usually prone to dust, grease, oil, liquid
splashes, theft and physical impact. This PENC 400 protects your PC
against all these.

PENC is a compact computer enclosure that is used in Europe and America
by leading distribution, manufacturing and industrial companies. It has
certain attractive features which make it the most preferred of other
computer enclosures. The following are some of the features that make it

The PENC is made from mild steel that is powder
coated. This makes it the ideal enclosure that protects your PC from
splash, dirt, dust and weather elements. This makes it most appropriate
for outdoor and indoor uses.The poly carbonate window that is shatter
proof makes it a long lasting screen protector. In addition, it will not
contaminate your product line in case it ever breaks.Another admirable
feature of the PENC is the universal VESA mount. This mount is most
useful in giving you the ability to mount LCD screen made by most
manufacturers.It does not matter which LCD/TFT monitor that you have. It
can be used on any of them and comes in sizes of up to 22″. All you
have to do is to choose a computer system that you want and add it to
the LCD instead of buying expensive machines.The seals used are also
water repellant and are made to fit any standard window, door and lock.
This makes it an efficient tool in preventing damage to your equipment.

things like liquids or heavy wash down are least likely to damage your
equipment if protected with PENC 400.The lifespan of your equipment can
be prolonged through maintaining a uniform temperature. An internal fan
is therefore necessary and that is where the PENC is most advantageous.
It has an internal fan which ensures that optimal temperature is
maintained thus ensuring that your equipments last longer.Modules for
air conditioning and heaters are some of the extras that come with this
product. They allow the unit to be installed at temperatures of up to
+4100F.You can customize your PENC by adding a sliding tray for the
integrated mouse and the key board.

Let Personal Scale Take Care of Your Health

June 16, 2015

is the most important things that everyone must be concerned about,
because only if we have a healthy body, we can have a happy mood and
abundant energy to go to school, work, life etc.

how to measure the health, or what kind of method allows us to know our
health in the event of a change? Perhaps weighed is the most simple but
important ways, because the weight is the reaction the health of a
simple and basic factors, we can understand a lot of information from
the body weight changes. For example, if your weight changes much in a
short time, that is to say your body is relatively weak.

Do you
want to know your weight and that of the other members in the family?
Whether we are maintaining the same weight, putting on weight or losing
weight we should know what is happening because our weight is a crucial
piece of information about us and will help us judge our lifestyle
better. And given the fact that knowing our weight is so simple it is
surprising how many people neglect to have this crucial information
about themselves.

One method to know your weight even several
times a day is that you have a personal scale. A personal scale does not
cost much and you can easily afford one. it does not need much
maintenance either. And if you go in for a digital personal scale you
can get a reading very quickly any time, it is very convenient and

A personal scale can even come handy if the need
arises to weigh an object for some reason. In general it is a useful
piece of equipment to have around. They are also available in different
styles, colors and price ranges and you can conveniently go online and
choose one that fits your budget and matches your tastes. Below I
recommend one Cute Home-use TS-2008A Personal Scale with Temperate Glass
Material for you.

It is fashionable and flashy, Equipped with a
8mm tempered safety glass platform and high precision strain gauge
sensor system, Low power LCD indicator, Weight capacity 5-396lbs
2.5-150Kg/180Kg, high quality, could give many years of reliable service
under normal use conditions. It is not only beautiful but also useful
for us, so it could also be a great choice of gift.

Love you, love me, love relatives and friends, here: get a personal scale for yourself or your loved people.




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Diagnosing And Troubleshooting Computer Hardware

March 28, 2015

What is Hardware?

Are these terms familiar to you?
Monitor, RAM, CD drive, CPU, graphic cards are all hardware, or more
accurately, computer hardware. These components make up a computer,
working together with computer software to make a computer work.

Simply put, hardware is the tangible parts of your computer, parts you can touch, feel and so on.

Hardware Failures

mentioned before, hardware and software work together to form a fully
functional system, theoretically. However, rarely do you get a fully
functional system all the time. There will almost certainly be
malfunction of hardware, be it within the electronic circuits or even
the whole component itself. Sometimes, the originating factor of the
hardware failure is not the components of the system itself, but due to
outside factors such as environmental disasters like fire, earthquakes
and lightning storm.

Recovery of failed hardware components is not
a big problem by itself. It is basically identifying and replacing the
problematic component. However, hardware failures are most deadly, when
it affects daily routine and affecting critical personal or business
data. This is especially true of the most important component of a
computer system when it comes to storage of data, the hard disk.

The following is a list of common hardware failures:

  • RAM Failures
  • Power Connector
  • Hard Disk
  • Overheating
  • LCD Failures
  • Motherboard
  • USB Box

RAM Failures

Bad RAM is somehow harder to
diagnose as similar symptoms may be caused by software problems, other
hardware problems or even motherboard failure. However if you experience
any of these symptoms, users should check for bad RAM before attempting
any other troubleshooting.


  • Windows doesn’t start showing different error messages each time.
  • Windows crashes (blue screen) or freezes frequently.
  • Windows crashes as soon as you try to start a program.
  • Unexplained random crashes and freezes without error messages.

Power Adaptor

The common weak spot on any
laptop is the DC power jack. If someone trips over the power adapter
cable while it is still connected to the laptop, there is a high
possibility that the power jack will get severely damaged.

On most
laptops, the DC power jack is soldered directly to the motherboard and
there are only three or four small pins holding it in place, which makes
the power jack rather weak. Any sideways pulling of the DC power cord
while attached to the laptop will usually dislodge at least one of these
pins, breaking the solder around it. Modern laptops use quite a lot of
power, from about 70W to 120W or even more. The bad electrical
connection from the dislodged pin will cause sparks and heating that
will eventually burn a hole through the motherboard and can even be a
fire hazard.

Symptoms which indicates poor contact between the DC power jack and the motherboard:

  • The battery is not charging properly or stays at half charge despite having to use the power adaptor.
  • The screen flickers (the brightness is changing) while the power
    cord is plugged in. This is caused by the laptop switching between DC
    power (screen is brighter) and battery power (screen is dimmer).
  • The DC plug gets hot after a few minutes of use and may even smell of burning.
  • There are “scratching” sounds coming from the DC jack.

How to test for broken power jack:

    1. Remove the battery

    2. Plug in the power cord

    3. Start the laptop

    4. Gently wiggle the DC power plug on the back of the laptop

If the laptop shuts down abruptly (looses power), find
the dealer to re-solder or change the DC power jack as soon as possible
as the motherboard has already started to burn around the dislodged
pins. The manufacturer might offer to replace the whole motherboard;
however the price of a new motherboard together with the labor charge
for installing it will usually cost more than the current value of that
laptop and sometimes can the pricing can cost over a thousand dollars.

or re-soldering the DC power jack is not an easy job. It usually takes a
few hours depending on the damage and the model of the laptop. To reach
the power jack, the laptop has to be completely disassembled and have
the motherboard taken out. Then if the board around the dislodged pin is
badly burned, the power jack has to be un-soldered and the board has to
be patched.

After that a different power jack has to be
installed, attached to the case of the laptop and connected with wires
to the motherboard, as the patched board wouldn’t be strong enough to
support the original type of power jack that was soldered directly to
the board.

Hard Disk

Hard disk failures are
the most common computer hardware problems. And laptop hard disks fail
more often than desktop hard disks due to the portability of a laptop as
compared to the rather stagnant laptop. If user knock hard or drop the
laptop even a few inches while the hard disk is being accessed or
powered up, damage can be done to the hard disk.


  • The laptop starts as usual but when Windows starts to load it goes
    to blue screen with either “UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME”, “hal.dll is
    missing or corrupt” or “WINDOWSSYSTEM32CONFIGSYSTEM” (or similar) is
    missing or corrupt. All these error messages indicate a file system
    problem. Sometimes it can be fixed by just scanning the hard disk for
    errors. However more than half of these cases indicate that the hard
    disk is starting to go bad and is probably developing bad sectors.
  • The laptop starts as usual but Windows freezes on the initial
    “Windows XP” screen, although the blue bar continues to move, and users
    are able to hear feint but continuous clicking. Hard disks have to be
  • As soon as the laptop is started there are loud clicks or grinding
    sounds and Windows doesn’t load. Hard disks have to be replaced as well.
  • Shortly after starting the laptop a message appears (usually on a
    black screen) “SMART test failed. Backup your data immediately and
    replace the hard disk” or similar. Well, that says it all. S.M.A.R.T. is
    a self-test that is build into the hard disk.

In almost all cases the laptop can be started from a
“live” bootable CD and everything works normal. In rare cases the hard
disk PCB (printed circuit board) may get short circuited and even burn.
In this scenario, the laptop won’t start unless the hard disk is

A good tool to use to check for hard disk lifespan is ADRC’s hard disk checker. It will scan the hard disk for bad sectors and inform you if the drive is still of good usability.


happens when inadequate airflow from outside the computer’s case across
the CPU and motherboard and back out of the case usually via the power
supply fan and other case fans.

Once the airflow is disrupted,
heat builds up rapidly within the case. This causes components to either
shutdown, if such protection is built in or performs erratically. Over
the long term, overheating can irreversible damage components.

It is also advisable to keep the computer in a dry and shaded room, which is clean and little dust.

LCD Failures

The most common LCD or “Liquid Crystal Display” screen failure is the inverter, cable and backlight.


  • The laptop appears to start as usual but the screen is black, if users move it, it turns on and works properly. Failed cable.
  • The laptop appears to start as usual but the screen is very dark,
    although it changes colour a little and users can see a very feint
    image. Failed inverter or cable 90%/10%.
  • Immediately after starting the screen has dark pink/red tint and turns dark after a few seconds. Failed backlight.
  • The screen flickers a few times but then turns dark, if users move
    it or tap it lightly on the sides, it flickers again. Failed cable or
    LCD 50%/50%.
  • Screen is either black or white (no picture) and external monitor works. Failed cable or LCD 30%/70%.
  • There are stripes on the screen (either vertical or horizontal) that
    change when users move the screen or tap it lightly on the sides.
    Failed cable or LCD 10%/90%.


Most motherboard related
failures are due to the “On-board” regulated supplies and component
failure within those circuits. The on-board power supply circuit had
partially failed and was overloading subsequent components else the
problem would be with the capacitors which are defective in the first

A motherboard failure on a laptop that is out of warranty
would usually mean that it’s time for a new laptop. The price of a new
motherboard is usually higher than the current value of the laptop.


Plug in the power adaptor and try to start the laptop.

  • Nothing happens.
  • The “ON” light comes on, the fan spins, but nothing on the screen (black) and you can’t hear the HD working after 10-15 sec.
  • The “ON” light comes on, the fan spins, but after a few seconds the light goes off.
  • After pressing the “ON” button the screen stays black and you can hear a quiet high-pitched sound coming from the laptop.

Corrupted or improper device drivers and operating system

or corrupt device drivers can wreck havoc on a server, rendering the
system unbootable in some cases. Device drivers may also conflict with
certain application programs and cause problems with the computer

As Windows Vista has just made its launch, chances are
some hardware is not supported or not supported fully by the new
operating system.

Also, system updates, driver updates can also fix your “hardware” problems.

See updating and fixes

it helps (occasionally) to call the respective support service for help
on the driver that is with that particular hardware.

Controller Failure:

controller failure can act much like a drive failure. However, when a
drive fails, users cannot access that particular drive; when a
controller fails, users cannot get access to all the drives, devices and
any other components that is attached to that particular controller.

controller fails because a component or components on the on the
controller board fails. When users trying to boot the system, they
cannot switch on, view, access, or even get hardware conflict messages.

Controller failure occurs due to one of the following reasons:

  • Devices/components not connected properly
      Verify that the cables are properly connecting the device /component to the controller
      If the component fits into a slot, see that the it is flushed in and not loosely connected.

  • Devices/components not setup properly
      Verify that the devices/components is being properly detected and setup in the respective controller setup screen

  • Bad connectors
      Replace the bad connectors with new working ones

  • Bad components
      Replace the component

  • Bad interface board or motherboard
      It is recommended that these components be replaced or that the computer be sent in for servicing

Hardware Failure: The big issue

The big problem, as
mentioned earlier, is not replacing or repairing the non-functional
hardware, but the time lost, interruptions to daily routine (especially
for businesses), and the loss of critical data. If you need a running
system at all times, have a backup system as a fail safe, or even two.
If users want to ensure that none of their critical data is lost in the
event of a hardware problem with their computer, there is only one way
to do it — Back up the data as often as possible.

There are many
different ways to ensure that the data is backed up, and as technology
becomes advances, back up methods become much simpler.

Let’s look
for a moment at what a back up is. Backing up of computer files means
that users are making a copy of the data that will be stored somewhere
other than on the computer. Everyone should always have a back up of at
least the most important files, because should anyone experience a
hardware problem, they could still be able to access the files.

people don’t back up their files, because they don’t know what they
need to back up. Start with those files that cannot easily be recreated.
Then, move on to files to which you make frequent changes just in case
you accidentally change something that you shouldn’t have. Back up your
music collection – because this can be quite expensive to replace in the
event of data loss.

In general, best practice is to back up the files at least monthly and more frequently if users access the files regularly.

Avail Reliable iphone Parts for Best Use

February 8, 2015

Possessing an iPhone has a special feeling. Being the proud owner of an iPhone is only one side of a glamorous coin. It suddenly would seem too costly or you might think it is a burden when your iPhone needs a repair. You must remember that the iPhone is a powerful appliance that can cater a wide range of facilities to its users, which makes it a valuable possession. Therefore, to repair your precious iPhone, hitch up for a multitude of options that you have. Apple service is of great use when the phone has some technical problems.
It is tricky repairing an iPhone. There are two primary options. The first that you can try your hand at repairing it yourself at home using the online tutorial guide, iphone parts and the iPhone repair kits. The second is to locate a fine licensed iPhone repair service outlet that can repair your iPhone. The second option is a better one. Owing to the tiny, intricate circuits of the iPhone, it is better to give it to a professionally trained person, or you might end up damaging it a lot more than it was in the first place. Even those who generally repair other model phones cannot handle repairing the recent models such as the Next Generation iPhone 4. Hence, an iPhone needs special attention. It is worth the money, even though opting a good service store for an iPhone repair is costly. In case you do not want to leave your iPhone at the Apple service repair shop, you can even call the iPhone technician home to repair your iPhone.
There can be any sort of problem in your iPhone. The screen might be cracked or the LCD might have started to bleed strange colors or the battery might have suddenly died out. For all these problems do not attempt self-help, instead get professional help. If you go to an Apple service store, they may wheedle you into buying a new spare or a new iPhone rather than trying to repair the defective iphone parts. So, visit an iPhone repair shop. Other than the requirements, these places do not make you spend more money. For your iPhone repair, you can begin short listing places. Ask around a bit at your work place, or enquire your friends, relatives etc. Note their references to various stores and choose what you think is the best. Though all this needs a lot of patience, it is made easy with many options. Call the stores that you have shortlisted or consult the websites and carry out a small research on iphone parts. You can call the technician home if it is too difficult for you to get to the service shop. Owning an iPhone is a difficult task for a common person and maintaining it is more difficult. Repairing an iPhone is almost an art therefore choose a repair shop that repairs iPhones too.