Redefine the Intranet with SharePoint Search in 2014

Discovering a new era of ‘Search’

If you are a web programmer, you might be aware of the huge investment
made by the software giant Microsoft in the current year 2013; the
company invested a big amount in SharePoint social. However, there still
exists many intranets design reflecting the conventional internal
communications such as a home page with a carousel, links that are not
of much use, sections that are never clicked and yes the weather.

This post emphasizes on use of redefine SharePoint Intranet and make it more dynamic.

If you are on a pursuit to exterminate static intranets and begin
developing interactive and dynamic intranets that can help users get the
right information in the modern world today, where web is overloaded
with the data.

When the term static intranet is uttered, it
refers to that intranet that you perhaps see too frequently where almost
everything is performed manually and nothing is performed directly in
context to the user visits.

SharePoint Search Will Drive the Web Search Revolution

The feature of SharePoint 2013 has made a huge difference. It enables
you to develop a search-driven website and serve to your targeted
audience. Meaning you can now publish content over your intranet which
is a result of a query entered by the user.

Whenever you think
of it, Google and Bing come first to your mind as these are the places
where users manually enter the query and get results. This facility of
using it is also embraced in SharePoint. However, here the point is
about developing pages where content is not static, rather it is a
result of it’s result already written for the user – this is called
search driven content.

For example, if you click on a ‘contact us’ page and the page gets
customized based on your user profile – its search driven content.

The SharePoint Search Features That Has Transformed the Way Search Are Performed

Continuous Crawl – still many Website development Denmark (Hjemmeside
udvikling danmark ) based companies have misconceptions about continuous
crawl. It is actually a groundbreaking update that can transform the
way we use it. A new crawl can be triggered before the earlier crawl is
ceased; meaning we can have fresher content. The content will be
featured in the results once they are added in SharePoint.

Content Search and Web Parts – the changes made to the existing web
parts such as it results and rectification enable you to create a query
or add refiners easily and quickly, even if you don’t have good
experience of XML and XSLT. Content search is a latest web part
exclusively developed for cross-site publishing and other scenes when
content is compelled by search queries.

Product Catalogue –
don’t get confused with its name. The product catalogue is nowhere
related to ecommerce arena; instead it is a feature that allows you to
use SharePoint as a massive source of information such as events,
contacts, announcements and people. You can build any bespoke list.

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