Dive into HTML5

Just question yourself “If you want to build a new web site
from scratch than which doc type would you use?” “Well, then I guess
that you would like to go with “. As HTML5 programming is an excellent
tool for new websites and apps.

HTML5 specifications:-

Interactivity and
Native support :-From past many years the web developers were trying to
invent a tool which has capacity to display fluid animations, stream
video, play music and integrate with Social networking sites. So, HTML5
is only a candidate who stands in this row. Native video can be build on
HTML5 which enables the publishers to deliver full motion, high quality
video with greater speed. This tool will provide web developers to
immediately grasp the full knowledge of the web pages and even if they
are brand new to it.

It improves SEO :- HTML5 programmers
understand the search engine optimization in a better way. It provides a
greater accessibility . Tags like the “section” tag, which enables
marketers to explain the topic of page sections, and the “nav” tag, by
which a mobile device browser can make a link and helps the search
engines more accurately in categorizing content and links.

Smarter Forms:- It provides a better control for validating data,
focusing, interaction with other pages elements on the page and various
other improvements like you can get fully defined and structured
database storage. This allows a developer to save structured data
client-side using a real SQL database

Why should marketers embrace HTML5?
is a nice question but a better question might be “why shouldn’t they?”
the reason is that Google has announced in one of his post that it is
bringing support for the HTML5 speech input API to the company’s Chrome
browser. This will help the developers to introduce amazing new features
in a variety of web apps by using certain tools. Now the users with a
microphone will be able to record their speech, with API and can sent it
to a transcription server, and show up as text within the web app. It
is already available in the Chrome beta from today.

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