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CrashPlan vs Backblaze Focused on Easy Backups

December 13, 2015

Searching for an online storage service that puts emphasis on the backup itself? Then CrashPlan vs BackBlaze should be on your list of potential providers. Before you blindly choose one of these companies however, you need to examine what each service brings to the table.

This overview will help you compare the major features of each service. You can quickly evaluate the similarities and the differences. Having a good idea of what you will be getting is one way to make the selection process faster. Then, you can always take a closer look at each service and make your final decision.


It is important to keep in mind that each of these services focuses on actual backups. If you are looking for file sharing and file syncing, you will have to look elsewhere. These two companies provide reliable backup service for your data. They do not offer features that are conducive to online collaborations between people. These providers backup data, period. They both offer remote access, file versioning, automatic backups, and scheduled backups. Both are compatible with Windows and Mac. However, CrashPlan offers archiving and file searching, as well as compatibility with Linux and Solaris.

In the area of customer support, CrashPlan vs BackBlaze are neck and neck they only offer email support. People that enjoy a variety of ways to contact customer service will not find that with either of these services. However, if email support is enough for you, then both of these providers fit the bill. While customer service is important, continue examining features before you rule out either of these online backup services.

Storage and Pricing

Both of these companies offer unlimited storage space. BackBlaze has two simple plans one for the average consumer and one for businesses. Both plans provide the unlimited storage space, so you never have to worry about running out of space. This service also takes the guesswork out of which files to back up it backs up all the files on your computer. While you do not get to pick and choose, this particular feature is useful to those that do not want to be bothered with selecting files to back up. On the other hand, if you do not want your entire system backed up, you may want a different service.

CrashPlan has several subscription plans. Their free plan does not offer online backups it only allows users to back up to another physical source. For example, you can hook up your external hard drive and backup your files, but you cannot backup your files to the cloud.

Target User

The targeted user of these services is the average home user. However, one focuses more on the user that favors simplicity, while the other focuses on the user that wants selections and options. Both services focus only on backing up your system, so if you need to share files, these will not work for you. However, if you only want a backup of your data, both providers can handle this function.

When comparing CrashPlan vs BackBlaze, decide if you are the simple user or the selective user and choose the service that fits your needs and budget.

Backblaze vs Crashplan – which is better for your storage needs? Visit us to see the full side-by-side comparison of these two services as well as detailed reviews of each service. We also provide reviews and recommendations of the best online backup services available today.

Resolving Ext3 Error No journal on filesystem

December 10, 2015

Ext3 is a journaled file system and maintains a journal file to prevent instances of metadata corruption due to unexpected power outage. Due to its wide testing base and relative simplicity, the file system is considered to be safer than its counterparts. But it is not completely immune to crashes. At times, when using a Ext3 formatted drive, you might receive errors suggesting that system doesn’t find any journal on the file system. As a solution, you might be compelled to reinstall the system. In such situations, you need to check the status of your backup that should be valid and completely updated to restore information from. But if you observe any backup related issues, Linux Recovery utilities should be used.

For an instance, while attempting to mount your Linux based hard drive, you might come across the similar error message:

“ext3: no journal on filesystem”

The system fails to boot and data remains inaccessible. If you make to boot the system somehow, you might observe some of the files and folders missing from the system.


Among various reasons possible for this behavior, some of them are as below:

You have recently updated the kernel but the process ended improperly

No or corrupted journal file

File system is severely corrupted


To try resolving the existing issue, follow these steps:

Boot the system using an installation disc and access the Rescue Mode. Mount the existing installation and reinstall the improperly installed kernel package

You can create the journal file by executing the below command:

tune2fs -j /dev/yourpartitionid

If above measures fail, try repairing the file using fsck. Boot the system using an installation disc and access the Rescue Mode. While making the system unmounted, run fsck for all the hard drive partitions except the swap partition.

If these measures don’t help and your data still is not accessible, use Linux Data Recovery tools for successfully recovering your lost data. Linux Recovery applications incorporate high end scanning algorithms to scan the logically crashed media to recover data while maintaining their integrity.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery is a world’s known product to recover lost data from Ext2, Ext3 and ReiserFS based drives. The application employs powerful algorithms to result effective and safe data recovery. Embedded with advanced recovery features, this Linux Data Recovery tool supports most of the Linux distributions including Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu, SlackWare and others.

Author is researching on ext3 file system error become the cause of data loss. For lost linux recovery author suggested to use linux data recovery software to recover lost linux data..

Advantages Of Linux Smart Phones

December 10, 2015

Linux smart phones are user-friendly with advanced features of Linux operating system. Though there are many operating systems available for Smartphones like Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm etc, Linux operating systems have been serving its users for many years. You may be interested to buy a Linux Smartphone as you have been used to Linux building-block functionality. Another reason is that you may want to experience new things and unique features available in this OS. Though Linux Smartphones are still in the growth phase, due its open source nature you have the freedom to write programs by yourself if you are familiar with programming. Linux Smartphones are not specially catering to casual and business users, but in the coming years it will have its own significant market share.

Most of the interesting functions available in Linux smart phone are due to the fact that it is operated by Linux operating system. Most of the Smartphone functions like Web browsing, Office documentation and editing, Media playback and instant messaging are available. Linux Smartphone permits you to download as well as compile various packages that you can fit in your phone. You can remotely control the PC by applying VNC and can also make free phone calls by using soft phone based on SIP. If you want to talk to somebody during movement, you can use 802.11b/g. You can write to yourself or use sourceforge and find if its already written by someone. All these are special advantages for Linux Smartphone users.

With all the functions similar to other smart phones, these phones are still in some ways a Pipe dream. Their existence is very minimal and when compared with other Smartphones, there are not many American providers offering Smartphones currently operating on Linux. But its getting improved as the next version of Palm operating system is going to be based on Linux. Other than supporting open source projects on Linux, it also compatible with established Palm Operating system applications and that is a boon to work on both platforms. There is going to be launch of Motorola Smartphones based on Linux platform in the future, as there is already one handheld device with certification from FCC.

There was great success in Smartphones running with Linux operating system on hardware designed for other brands of Smartphones. Palm Smartphone Treo runs quite nicely with Linux and so for other hardware also it wont be that harder. Anything can happen in the future like that we may buy smart phones without any operating system and we can install our preferred operating system on our Smartphone. One of the obstacle Linux faces is its intercompatibility with the other Smartphones in the market Linux Phone Standards forum (LIPS) plays a main role while the sender uses WiFi to contact you. Access formerly known as Palm source who are the makers of Palm operating system are contract members in LIPS and its next version will be Linux based. This does not imply that Linux Smartphones are not seriously supported. The most successful Smartphones in the market like Motorola, Samsung, Panasonic and NEC are running on Linux. The Latest Smartphone SCH-i819 of Samsung focused for Chinese businessmen offers special version of Linux for ideal input of Chinese characters and touch screen support. The additional feature BREW helps for most of the Smartphone downloads.

Era of Open Source Softwares-Linux

December 4, 2015

Of all the open source operating systems, LINUX heralded an era of freedom from licensed softwares and signalled the end of the road for monopoly softwares from the giant Microsoft. With the arrival of LINUX and its many versions, users got themselves liberated from the shackles of Windows operating systems and soon found that they could edit and tinker with LINUX to generate new versions of the famous OS. Linux has gained an unexpectedly large amount of interest in the home market over the past two years. This could be due to any number of reasons including, it’s both free and open source, almost all applications are free and open source, the stability is unsurpassed, the code is constantly revised, updated and added to by a numerous amount of programmers across the world. Linux is undisputable a giant in the OS world, with just the name Linux being a symbol of stability and security. With the interest in Linux growing, many new distributions have surfaced offering easy installation and configuration. Well-established distributions such as Redhat are also striving to meet the same goals.

Linux is an operating system and therefore is the basic set of programs and utilities that make the computer run. Some other common operating systems are Unix (and its variants BSD, AIX, Solaris, HPUX, and others); DOS; Microsoft Windows; Amiga; and Mac OS.Linux is Free Software. In a nutshell, software that is free in the sense that Linux is distributed along with its source code so that anyone who receives it is free to make changes and redistribute it. Users are free to make copies of Linux and give them to friends, it’s also fine to tweak a few lines of the source code.The only catch is that the user who modifies it has to necessarily make available the source code to all users. Linux is not owned by anyone. One misconception many first-time readers have is that this site,, is similar to, which is owned and controlled by the company that produces the Windows operating system. No one company or individual “owns” Linux, which was developed, and is still being improved, by thousands of corporate-supported and volunteer programmers all over the world.

Users are generally provided with Linux distribution that contains not only the basic Linux operating system, but also programs that enhance it in many ways. Anyone who wants to put together his or her own Linux distribution is free to do so, and we know of more than 200 different Linux distributions that fill special “niche” purposes. But we advise new users to stick with one of the five or six most popular general-purpose Linux distributions until they know a little about what Linux can and can’t do. You can get Linux from a number of online software repositories, including the official Web sites for each distribution. It helps to have a fast connection and a CD burner so you can quickly download an .ISO image of the distribution and burn it onto a CD. You then can load the bootable installation programs that lead you, step by step, through the process of getting Linux on your computer.

The more popular distributions are available in many computer stores and directly from each distribution’s publisher. The convenience of a distribution on CDs, including manuals, generally makes your first installation so much easier that it is well worth the money.

Linux boasts of some of the best free online support for its operating system.Take advantage of some free, expert technical support: the Linux Users Group, or LUG. The heartbeat of Linux support, and of Linux itself, is the LUG. There are LUGs in almost every country in the world, where you can get Linux advice and help from people who live near you, speak your language, and are willing to donate their time so that new users can learn about Linux without going through any more head-scratching than necessary.Each LUG operates independently and has its own style and meeting schedule. Note that if there is no LUG close enough for you to conveniently attend meetings, most LUGs maintain email lists you can join and use to get answers to any Linux questions you have.

The best-known corporate GNU/Linux distribution is REDHAT. Mandrake Linux was the first Linux distribution that worked hard to make Linux easy for ordinary desktop users. Freely downloadable version available; commercial versions have pre-integrated sofware packages and are easier for first-timers to set up than the download edition. There are other distributions like Fedora, Debia, Knoppix,Suse, Slackware, MEPIS, Gentoo and so on.

Red Hat Training And Certification

November 22, 2015

Today in business arena Microsoft dominates on our desktops. In the servers operating system Linux has a big user base. Now the worlds majors websites run on Google, Linux, Face book, Wikipedia, and You tube. Not surprisingly there is a growing demand for Linux skilled professionals to enjoy better facilities, higher pay and a career boost.
In Linux distribution the most important is Red Hat certification program that includes the skill such as trouble shooting, installation, and system administration. To ensure the professional standards Red Hat have developed their own training courses and certifications. This certification is challenging but with correct study preparation one can pass this exam. Red Hat provides three levels of certifications:
RHCT (Red Hat Certified Technician, RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer), and RHCA (Red Hat Certified Architect)
The most common and well-known Red Hat certification is the Red Hat Certified Engineer. It is the beginning or entry level of certification and most probably suitable for administration of Linux system at junior level. The topic under RHCE includes network configuration, file system administration and management and a basic trouble shooting system.
RHCE stands on medium level. It requires a good and healthy knowledge on system administration and trouble shooting of a Red Hat enterprise. Topics under RHCE includes advanced level of system services, network configuration, kernel configuration, account management, mail services, web services, NFS, virtualization, and trouble shooting.
RHCA, it is much more difficult to achieve this qualification. Today worldwide there are only 1000 RHCA professionals. To attain RHCA qualification requires additional five endorsements to the RHCA. From clustering to deploying systems, these exams ensure that the professional can deploy systems at Enterprise level. To be RHCT RH202 qualified, one must have to pass total of six exams Red Hat Directory services and authentication; Red Hat Enterprise clustering and storage management; Red Hat Enterprise Security: Enterprise deployment, virtualization, system management and network services; Red Hat Enterprise system monitoring and performance tuning Expertise. After attaining RHCA qualification the professionals can find themselves in higher demand and can attain a sizable salary.
Those who want to start their career with Linux; the RHCT is a good initial start for them. It is also good for the employees who want to impress their employers by their Linux system knowledge and are with the mission of career up gradation in software industry.
RHCE certification is suitable for those who want to run an entire network. It provides enough knowledge to cope with day to day administration challenges. RHCE exam is a proof of high knowledge and indeed it is a well respected certification.
RHCE RH302 is the highest and most advanced qualification as a professional trouble shooter and/or consultant. Under this certification exam time is 30 hours without any preparation time so it is suitable for most dedicated people.

Future Operating Systems Will Aim For Efficiency

November 15, 2015

It is easy for a generation of computer users to look back warmly on the heyday of MS-DOS. In days of old, a simple text command was all you needed to launch a computer program. This command dealt with all of the inner functions that allowed the code to work. Essentially, you just had to type a command into a black screen with a single cursor. The user-friendly operating system developed as a response to the consumer demand to click on graphical content. To the average user, this seems much easier than typing a command. However, this development birthed a whole new wave of complications to the computing experience.

First of all, the graphical representation of your software uses system resources. While this may not seem significant for the average user, this is a serious problem if you plan on stress your machine to its full abilities. As more individuals and businesses began using these operating systems, software developers began to include more capabilities that anticipate the user’s software. If an operating system were planned out with your favorite software in mind, this would make for a much smother computing experience. Unfortunately, many software designers decided that they should anticipate every single conceivable application that any user might choose to install. This slows your computer down much like bloatware.

Linux has earned the hearts and minds of many users because it allows for builds that do very little. Many versions of Linux operate in a minimalist fashion; you have to make changes to accomodate programs and dependencies as you need them. While this might feel like a pain in the neck for the novice user, it is great when you intend to use your machine to its full potential. Many experienced users prefer a streamlined operating system. However, if you are looking to jump head first into your favorite programs without much research, the resource heavy systems have better general compatibility.

Microsoft’s Windows Vista was arguably the perfect example of the extravagant operating system. Its massive code base anticipated nearly any software function. Ironically, this led to an opposite inspiration for Windows 7. Windows 7 employs a lightness of resource use that competes directly with Linux.

Current technology seems to be inspired by the desire to do more with less. There should be a future motivation to satisfy both of these desires. The latest operating system releases by all of the major players in the field seem to speak to this public demand. There will always be a need for a clever balance between compatibility and operating system resource use.

Luckily, we are lucky enough to have a robust market of operating system providers. Eachnew release introduces different advantages. There are reasons for using all of the various modern operating system which depend heavily on their intended use. When choosing your preferred operating system, you must carefully look into its compatibility with software that you intend to use. Each company attempts to satisfy a specific niche market. Your market will be served in at least one of the recent releases at any time. Ask others that use the same software for tips on which operating system to install.

Utilizing Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP For Software Deployment

October 1, 2015

This tutorial will also cover common MySQL syntax, so that a server administrator can troubleshoot difficulties within just a specific application. It’s really beneficial.
* Enter a new root password and do NOT test “Allow root access from remote machines” and “Develop An Anonymous Account” seeing that these two choices will generate safety loophole.
* Click “Execute” and it will set up MySQL on your local machine.

Start MySQL and create a new database for your WordPress installation. You will need to present an correct title for your database. In this tutorial, I identify the database as “WordPress” and the admin person as “wpadmin”. Improve it to whatever you

Open your terminal (MS DOS or cygwin) and execute the following commands:

$ mysql -u root -p
Enter password: ********

mysql> build database WordPress
Query Ok, one row impacted (.03 sec)

mysql> grant all on WordPress.* to wpadmin @localhost identified by ‘changeme’
Query Okay, rows impacted (.03 sec)

mysql> flush privileges
Query Ok, rows impacted (.02 sec)

mysql> exit

2. Apache setup:
Download Apache 2.2 at
My downloaded file is httpd-2.two.15-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi
Run the MSI file and use the subsequent settings:
* Network Domain: localhost
* Server Name: localhost
* Administrator’s E mail Deal with: youremail @e
* Make certain “for All Users” is checked.
* Standard Setup Style
* Hit “Install” and it will setup Apache on your neighborhood machine.

Soon after the set up completes, go to Management Panel -> Administrative Instruments -> Services, seem for the “Apache2.2″ service and double-click on it.
From the following you can stop the support and modify the startup type to “Manual”

Configure Apache:

Open and modify the httpd.conf at C:Program FilesApache Program FoundationApache2.2conf as below:
Uncomment the subsequent line:
LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
LoadModule php5_module “C:/php/php5apache2_2.dll”
Search for
AllowOverride None
AllowOverride All

Add index.php to DirectoryIndex as below:
DirectoryIndex index.php index.html

Locate and add:
AddType software/x-httpd-php.php.phtml

Include this line to the conclusion of httpd.conf
PHPIniDir “C:/php”

Restart Apache to make the up-to-date configuration useful.

3. PHP setup:
Download PHP five.two.13 at php.internet
My downloaded file is
Unzip the downloaded bundle to C:php

Duplicate C:phplibmysql.dll to C:WINDOWSsystem32
Duplicate C:phpphp.ini-suggested and rename it as php.ini

Open and modify the recently copied C:phpphp.ini
extension_dir = “ext”
extension=php_gd2.dll (this is employed for CAPTCHA)

day.timezone = “Australia/Melbourne”

four. WordPress setup:
Download the newest model of WordPress at
At the time of this composing, it is version
Download and unzip to C:Program FilesApache Computer software FoundationApache2.2htdocs

Go to C:/System Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.two/htdocs/WordPress
Rename wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php

Update wp-config.php at C:/Program Files/Apache Program Foundation/Apache2.two/htdocs/WordPress with the following configurations:
outline(‘DB_NAME’, ‘WordPress’)
outline(‘DB_USER’, ‘wpadmin’)
define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘changeme’)
outline(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’)

Click the subsequent link to create solution keys and substitute the following values with the created keys from that website link.

define(‘AUTH_KEY’, ‘put your special phrase here’)
define(‘SECURE_AUTH_KEY’, ‘put your unique phrase here’)
define(‘LOGGED_IN_KEY’, ‘put your exclusive phrase here’)
define(‘NONCE_KEY’, ‘put your unique phrase here’)

Significance to hire Philadelphia Data Recovery and Puerto Rico Data Recovery

September 26, 2015

Data recovery becomes more critical day by day, as the data collected in the information age increase constantly. If you are living in Philadelphia or Puerto Rico and whether you are looking for recovering data from your laptop, computer or even a smart phone, then Philadelphia Data Recovery and Puerto Rico Data Recovery offering companies will offer you the ultimate and quickest solution for solving all your data recovery issues. The data recovery companies in Philadelphia and Puerto provides data recovery solutions at the lowest price and ensure you get your data back in a very short time.

Philadelphia Data Recovery – Specialty of the data recovery Company:

Philadelphia Data Recovery deals with the recovery of data for not only your hard drive or computers but from your camera as well. Besides this if you want to recover lost information from your USB drive, the file restoration organization of Philadelphia has a solution for your file restoration issue. The organization provides Linux system and Unix Recovery as well as Mac Recovery. Besides having alternatives for file restoration, the organization offers with hosting server restoration as well.

Moreover, it includes raid recovery for Dell, Compaq, HP, IBM and Apple. The Philadelphia Data Recovery company also specializes in server recovery for Adaptec Raid and Linux Raid. The firm also deals with NAS recovery which includes Lacie Recovery, Net gear recovery, D-link recovery, Buffalo Linkstation, Seagate recovery and Data Robotics Recovery. The disk recovery task of the data recovery company of UK involves services provided for Seagate recovery, Maxtor recovery, Samsung recovery, Western Digital recovery, Hitachi recovery, IBM recovery and Toshiba recovery.

Data recovery services from Puerto Rico Data Recovery Firms:

Puerto Rico Data Recovery is one of the firm that leads the industry for most popular services is that of hard drive recovery where recovery of data from hard drives which comprise of the make of Hitachi, Western Digital, IBM and Toshiba. The Puerto Rico Data Recovery offers three service options for recovering lost data from the hard drive. Mainly the options are critical, emergency and normal. Besides this, the organization offers Raid File restoration services for Dell, Compaq and HP. The organization also focuses on Laptop information restoration for all Notebooks which represent the make of Apple, Dell, Compaq, Acer, HP, New laptop, Panasonic and Development. The information restoration is done for almost any type of OS, primarily that of Windows seven, Mac Snow Leopard OSX, Windows vista, Windows XP, Linux and Unix.

The process of recovery for Laptops and Difficult hard drives solely depend upon the difficult drive configuration of the system. The file recovery offered by Puerto Rico Data Recovery and Philadelphia Data Recovery endure the integrity of original pushes, make sure to image all pushes. Thereby, the file recovery company works with the difficult drive image in order to process the system by extracting the data.

So, here we have discussed about the key role of Philadelphia Data Recovery and Puerto Rico Data Recovery for any kind of recovery of the data.

Difference Between Linux And Windows Shared Hosting

September 15, 2015

In the world of share hosting, Linux server hosting and Windows server hosting emerge as two contenders for the top position. Though you might think that both are same at the first glance, there is a difference between linux and windows shared hosting.
1)Operating System: Linux hosting can run on Linux operating systems such as CentOS, Red Hat, and Debian while windows hosting operates on the Microsoft Windows Server operating system. Though operating system is not a criterion big enough as you can use Linux hosting on windows operating systems and vice-versa.
2)Security: Many people are of the view that security is a big concern with windows servers when compared with linux servers but this is a false perception as server security depends upon the web hosting company and not on operating system. It is, however, believed that hackers favor the operating system of windows.
3)Cost: Linux server hosting is preferred over windows server hosting as linux is a free to use and open source operating system. If that was not all, more web hosting companies of the world provide linux hosting making it win the battle in terms of cost effectiveness.
4)Performance: Linux is more stable and able to deliver better performances as compared to Windows when it comes to handling a lot of processes at the same time.
5)Server access: If you want SSH (Secure shell) or Telnet access, meaning if you want to access files directly on the server without a transfer to/from the hard drive, then only linux gives you the benefits. Some companies do provide this benefit on windows hosting, most offer remote desktop protocol feature or a virtual console.
6)Language Support: When it comes to language support, Windows prevail over linux since windows support many features like ASP, .NET, FrontPage, MSSQL, Access, POP3, HTML, JavaScript, and MySQL that are limited as well as expensive with linux.
7)File Names: If you are using a linux server, file names such as contact.html and Contact.html are different names but on a windows server, they are the same names.
8)Ease of use: If you are not a tech-savvy individual, you are more than likely to prefer linux over windows.
9)Downtime: Windows hosting often waste precious time of its users by indulging in more downtime when compared to linux. Moreover, windows server takes more resources than linux when it comes to initiating processes, this means more rebooting and time wastage.
Now that we have read about the difference between linux and windows shared hosting, let us find out how you can maximize returns on investments by making a single decision.
By opting for shared hosting India, preferably Linux server hosting India, you can save a huge fortune. In addition to that, shared hosting India allows you to make use of expertise at the lowest possible cost. Linux server hosting India can be the success path on which you can attain big profits. These are just one of the few reasons why the concept of shared hosting India is so popular in the world of shared hosting.
We hope that this information on difference between linux and windows shared hosting was useful to you in more than just a way.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Dell Dedicated Servers For Your Business

September 4, 2015

If you want your business or corporation to be highly productive, you have to form an organised, stable and secure network that consists of workstations and dedicated servers. Dedicated servers are required if you want to create an intranet that hundreds of computers will access. When it comes to file sharing and communication, a good dedicated server will give you the stability and performance that your business needs. If you are still looking for a reliable dedicated server, you should choose Dell for the following reasons.

Dell are a top brand for computers and laptops these days yet arguably they havent really been so successful in the tablet and smartphone industry. This is why Dell has made the decision to follow the path of IBM and focus more on the enterprise sector. Dell remains committed in serving consumers but their new focus is good news for emerging companies that are looking for good server solutions.

With this shift, Dell can focus on enhancing their PowerEdge line-up of servers. As of 2012, Dell introduced the 12th generation of PowerEdge tower, rack and blade servers. There are dozens of models to choose from, which is always good for businesses because they can choose the right specs for their networking requirements at a reasonable price. The price of each configuration is listed on the Dell website so you can always move on to another model for comparison purposes and see what the cheaper dedicated servers are missing.

The Dell website has a PowerEdge section where you can choose the type of server you want. Then you can choose your segment so you will be pointed to the right configuration. Their newest servers are equipped with the latest 32nm E5 Xeon Processors. You are able to choose the number of processors and cores per processor depending on the role of your server. You can also choose from a variety of operating systems including Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit including Hyper-V, Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and even VMware vSphere. With such futureproof specifications, these Dell dedicated servers should be ready to handle future operating systems like Windows 8 Server.

Since Dell is so committed to the enterprise now, Dell dedicated server owners should have better access to support when problems arise. Dell features global support and aims to reduce the level of IT complexity through their dedicated Dell Services team. Dell has an extensive support site where you can engage in live chat conversations with members of the support team or contact Dell experts through email or phone.

With Intel developing new chips, Dell will definitely be one of the first to feature new PowerEdge models that feature more powerful and efficient hardware to make businesses even more productive. On top of that, some of the biggest corporations and enterprises use Dell dedicated servers for reliable operation.