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Cheap Electronics & Home Electronics

August 31, 2015

Buying cheap electronics and home electronics can be tricky. An abundance of information should be collected and gathered before making that purchase. Some things to consider would be shipment method and warranty. Buyers rights are important and you should know what your rights are! Researching the quality of not just the product but the customer service is important. Purchasing cheap electronics and home electronics can be a time consuming process, take into account whether the product is allowed to pass through your Customs and border control. Not to mention, having a knowledge of payment processes and buyers protection; everyone should know their rights. The best thing you can do prior to buying cheap electronics and home electronics is to research the product, as well as, the seller.

So you want to buy some home electronics and cheap electronics. Do have a look at the many options out there. When buying cheap electronics online you should have a good knowledge of what youre buying and who youre buying from. If your cheap electronics and home electronics break and youre not covered by warranty or the website chooses not to acknowledge your claims, then you must know your rights. Its recommended to know whether youre buying an original product or a copy.

Payment services can offer some great protection when purchasing cheap electronics and home electronics. Paying by Western Union is the most unprotected service and offers no buyers protection. It is recommended to pay by verified merchants credit card services. If you can pay by visa or MasterCard direct then you get the most protection and up to 6 months warranty on any product. Paying by PayPal can be the next best thing but many sellers don’t like to use PayPal as it creates the most problems for the seller. PayPal does however offer up to 2 months warranty on the product.

Last of all, know what kind of shipping you want to use and what company you want to send it. Compare your prices and services. Not all shippers are the same price and do not offer the same services. Shipping location can very; depending where you live it can be hard to find a shipper that will ship to your location. Getting shipping insurance is also important, if youre cheap electronics and home electronics dont arrive then they wont be cheap. No one wants to pay for something they didn’t get. Be sure to include the proper price for the insurance as they may ask for proof of payment.

Tips For Picking Out Quality Cabinet Hardware

August 31, 2015

When selecting cabinet hardware for your kitchen or bath you
should first determine if your cabinets have existing holes in them. If
you have existing holes drilled you will need to make sure your new
cabinet hardware will fit in the holes. For example if your cabinets are
drilled for cabinet pulls you will need to measure the distance between
the holes. The new pulls will need to match your existing conditions.
If you have single holes drilled in your cabinets you may have to use
knobs in this situation as pulls normally require two screws and may not
end up in the correct location on the cabinet door or drawer. Most
cabinet pulls have a 3 inch screw hole spacing. However, pulls can come
in many other dimensions. If your cabinets are brand new chances are
they do not have holes drilled in them. In this case you have many more

When selecting cabinet knobs and pulls you should take
into account the size of your doors and drawers to make sure the
hardware you choose will fit. Most cabinet hardware is packaged with a
standard size screw. You should measure the thickness of your cabinets
to make sure the screws in the package will work for your condition. If
the screws are to long or short you can purchase screws separately at
any home improvement store.

When installing cabinet hardware on
new cabinets I would suggest purchasing a template to help you locate
the screw holes on your cabinet doors and drawers. Templates can be
ordered online from most sites that sell cabinet hardware. The template
will help you mark your cabinets before drilling screw holes. Before you
measure use masking tape so you can mark the cabinets with a pencil.
The tape will also protect the finish of the cabinets.Drill holes using a
drill bit that is 1/16 of an inch larger than the diameter of your
screws. Take your time when drilling holes. Do not push to hard or you
could damage the cabinets when the drill bit comes out the back side of
your door or drawer.

Popular brands of cabinet hardware include Amerock,
Top Knobs, Dynasty Hardware, Jeffrey Alexander and Hickory Hardware.
There are others but these brands offer affordable options. Check the
internet for deals on cabinet hardware. Ordering your hardware over the
internet is easy. There are several sites where you can view the various
styles and designs. You can always order just a few pieces to make sure
they are what you want before placing your order.

hardware does vary in quality. Here are some things to consider when
judging the quality of the hardware. Do the knobs or pulls have hollow
backs. Most quality cabinet hardware is solid. Look at the finish. Does
the manufacturer offer a warranty on the finish. Most quality cabinet
hardware is made of zinc. Other metals include brass or bronze.

shopping for cabinet hardware, consider the design of your kitchen. Are
you going for a modern look or a traditional look. Do you want your
cabinet hardware to match the finish of your other fixtures, like
faucets or lighting fixtures. Choose a finish that will contrast with
the finish of your cabinets. Do not be afraid to be bold. Have fun and
enjoy your new hardware.

How To Make a Computer Run Faster – 6 Simple Steps That Speed Up My Computer

August 31, 2015

Have you found yourself wondering how to speed up your computer? Instead of adding more RAM to your computer, or buying a new one, there are 6 steps you can take to speed up your computer’s performance. I consistently use these steps to make my computer run faster and it works like a charm. It allows you to speed up your PC free of charge with most of these steps since certain applications are already installed on your computer.

Step 1: Empty the Recycle Bin. It’s easy to do. Just point your cursor to the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop, right-click, and choose “Empty Recycle Bin.” You can also double click on the Recycle Bin icon to open it and click on “Empty Recycle Bin.” This way you can actually see what you are about to delete, just in case you find something you want to keep. In that case, right click on that item you want to keep within the recycle bin and choose “Restore.”

Step 2: Delete Temporary Files and Cookies. Open Internet Explorer, Click on Tools, then Click on Internet Options. Click on “Delete” (in the Browsing history section within the General tab); then click on “Delete Files” and “Yes” to confirm. Allow that to finish, and then do the same for “Delete Cookies” and “Yes” to confirm.

Those first 2 steps alone can help make your computer run faster, but there are 4 more things that will really make a computer faster.

Step 3: Disk Cleanup. To do this, click on Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Cleanup. It will calculate how much space you will be able to free up. Once that is calculated, you will have a list of files to delete. Some of the files will already be checked for deletion, but you can check all the files you want to delete, then click OK.

Step 4: Disk Defragmentation. This can take about an hour, so you should set this up when you’ve got other things you can do. Start the Defrag and go watch TV, do laundry, mow the lawn, workout, or whatever. To begin, go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Defragmenter. Click Analyze, then click on Defragment. Even if it takes 2 hours to complete, which will certainly make your computer run faster, the time you will save with an optimized PC will be well worth it.

Step 5: Spyware Scan. Most people don’t realize how easy it is to get infected with spyware, so running scans consistently with an anti-spyware program is highly recommended to speed your computer up. It’s highly likely that you have had spyware running on your computer and not even know it.

There are great registry cleaner products on the market that take care of a lot of these steps, including the next one. One of the most comprehensive and best registry cleaners available, and one that has definitely sped up my computer, is Registry Easy. It pretty much does everything for you, all of the steps I’ve listed here and more, including the Spyware and Virus scans and removal. It can also be set to run automatically, which keeps your computer running faster and optimized, saving you even more time.

The company that created it is ACA Utilities, a professional software company that offers the best system utilities in the industry. At this time, and who knows for how much longer, they are offering a ton of bonus software with their Registry Easy product. It was designed as a Microsoft Windows XP registry cleaner, but actually is 100% compatible for Windows 98, ME, 2000, 2008 and Vista as well. And you can get a FREE scan to see what issues your computer actually has. It’s an awesome deal and incredibly easy to use, but more on that later. On to the last step.

Step 6: Virus Scan. I highly recommend you get an anti-virus program installed on your computer ASAP if you don’t already have one. The virus scan could take anywhere from 20 minutes to more than an hour depending on the number of files you have on your hard drive, so once again, start it and go do something else. This definitely makes my computer faster every time I run a virus scan.

After all 6 steps are completed, restart your computer and you’ll be surprised at how much faster it runs. Complete these 6 steps at least once per week, which will speed up your computer and keep it optimized for maximum performance.

A Brief Overview About Computer Forensics Salary

August 29, 2015

rate of crime is very high on the internet and field of computer and
digital cameras. In order to detect the frauds and get evidence of the
frauds you often need the services of a computer forensic professional
in order to detect the major root cause of the crime. The computer
forensic salary for the expert and professional is quite high as the
work they have to do is also technical and of diligence importance. They
are the experts and they can help you to solve your problems and fraud

core objective of the forensic team or forensic expert is to
investigate the root cause of the frauds, most of the time you often
notice that computer hard drives and camera cards are being formatted
after committing the frauds, hence the job of the forensic expert is to
recover the data and investigate the case. Sometime they need to detect
the hidden files as well from the computer system. They have to apply
different methods to detect the frauds, as this is highly sophisticated
job and computer forensic salary for the expert is also handsome. In
United States of America the salary would be around forty thousand
dollars to eighty thousand dollars. Some time they will have to decrypt
the encrypted data so it would be a quite difficult task to deal with.
Computer forensic salary would also depend on the experts skills and
know how about the work; some computer forensic experts have vast
experience and have done tremendously well in the field of online
criminal cases. There are many companies that seeks the services of
forensic experts as they rate of online crime in the world is ever
increased. Keeping in mind the facts and figures the IT and law agencies
have made some law regarding the online crime.

local or international level the need of highly qualified computer
forensic experts and the computer forensic salary is quite good in the
market. In short the computer forensic has taken a lot of importance as
this era is considered as era of information technology and all
companies have developed their own data base management so crime has
increased and role of forensic experts also increased to detect in
fraudulent evidence. As far as companies and individuals depends on
computer cyber crimes will take place and forensic experts would be
required in big companies for problem solving.

Ccna Course – Ccnp Institute – Cisco Networking Center In New Delhi

August 29, 2015

We Network Nuts New Delhi based networking institute offering wide range of networking courses, here we are providing online course training and booking facility for students, We are specialized in CNNP, A+CERTIFICATION, N+Certification, MCSE 2003, MCSE 2008, MS Exchange, MS ISA Server, CCNA, RHCA, RHCE and RHCSS courses.

Network Nuts Branches also located in South Delhi, North Delhi and West Delhi so you can choose your closest destination? Network NUTS ISO Certified Indian Networking Institute .we are not only provides the industrys best faculty but we are also committed to provide you higher result in exam. We have won the Award for Best Certified Red Hat Training Partner, North Region – 2007-08″ by Red Hat Inc. USA. And for “Special Appreciation Award for Contribution to Red Hat Linux in Asia Pacific – 2008″ by Red Hat Inc. USA.

We provide our student best job opportunity in best companies like IBM, AIRTEL, COMPAQ, PEASON, ACEELFRONTLINE, MAHINDRA TECH and Many more. There so many student who have been pass out from Network Nuts and working with world recognized company with handsome salary.
We are specialized in: –
MCSE 2003
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MS Exchange
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RHCSS courses.
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Interrupted Process of GParted Cause Superblock Corruption and Data Loss in Linux

August 28, 2015

In Linux operating system, GPT (GParted) is a useful tool that facilitates you to create, resize, move, delete, copy and check the hard drive partitions/volumes. It also copy file system on newly created partitions. It is helpful to create space to install new operating system, copying data stored on hard drive, mirroring one volume with another and recognizing disk usage. In some cases, using this tool may become problematic. It might damaged Linux superblock and lead to critical situations of system inaccessibility and possibly data loss. At this point, you are required to opt for Linux Data Recovery to get your precious and business-critical data back.

Sometimes, when the disk resizing, copying or any other GParted process is running, few read/write errors might terminate the phenomenon. Subsequent to this serious incident, your hard drive volumes could not mount and you come across a number of error message. In such circumstances, when you run the fsck utility after rebooting the system to check integrity and consistency of file system and hard drive, conditions could remain same. Situation becomes critical on every attempt to fix this issue. Linux operating system superblock may get damaged and give you that indication through following error message:

“superblock corrupted, run with -b 32768″

Superblock is a metadata structure of Linux operating system that keeps record of all file system characteristics such as size, block size, empty and filled blocks, respective counts, location and size of Inode tables, size of block groups, disk block map and the disk usage information. When it gets damaged, you can not access data from your hard drive and Data Recovery Linux is required.

Linux file system keeps redundant copies of the superblock. You can correct the problem by using any of them. You can search and use an alternative superblock with the help of ‘mkfs -n’ command.

If the above method can not help you to sort out the issue, Linux Recovery is the way to go for successful retrieval of your valuable data. Recovery is potential through advanced third-party applications, known as Linux Recovery Software.

The tools powerful and efficient scanning mechanisms to methodically scan whole hard drive and extract all of the lost, missing or inaccessible data from it. With read-only conduct and rich graphical user interface, the software are pretty safe and easy to use.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery is an advanced and robust application for assured recovery in all data loss situations. The software recovers data from Ext4, Ext3, Ext2, FAT32, FAT16 and FAT12 file system partitions. It works well with most major distributions of Linux including Debian, SUSE, Red Hat, Fedora and Mandriva.

Manika Batta a student of Mass Communication doing research on Linux data recovery software. He is also a freelancer for

Personal Assistant Agency Expands to San Francisco Area

August 27, 2015

The Greater San Francisco area is fast becoming a market for career personal assistants, as
Angeles has been for decades. One personal assistant agency has
recently stepped-up to accommodate the growing needs of the ultra-rich;
and that’s The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network (The Network), which
places Personal Assistants and Estate Managers in the Bay Area and
Silicon Valley: San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, San
Mateo, Napa, and Berkeley. Cities as far south as Santa Cruz and
Monterey are not excluded.

The San Francisco personal assistant market has been simmering for years, but with
explosion of wealth in the Silicon Valley, the needs of the rich and
famous in Northern California are almost insatiable. Founder of The
Network, Brian Daniel, recognized the growing need for personal
assistants in the Silicon Valley because this new Internet Generation of
tech wizards is traveling with private jets and purchasing
mega-mansions. The Network already covers other major U.S. markets like
Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, and Miami.

“It takes a
very special kind of person to handle the lifestyles of the
upper-echelon,” says Brian. “There has to be a perfect blend of
administration skills, as well as that of a personal concierge.” Los
Angeles certainly has their fair share of celebrity personal assistants,
but the Greater San Francisco Bay Area has a shortage of seasoned
professionals that are able to
keep up with the demands of the
wealthy. And Mr. Daniel should know what it takes because he has worked
with Hollywood A-list, millionaires, billionaires, and even royalty –
all over the world!

“There is no shortage of candidates who want
to do the job, but wanting it is not enough. To be a personal assistant
to a CEO, celebrity, high net worth family, sports figure, book author
or lawyer, one has to be able to work long hours and work under
tremendous pressure. Not everyone is able or willing to make those kinds
of sacrifices,” says Brian.

What makes The Network so special is
that Brian Daniel takes extraordinary care in qualifying the candidates.
It’s not enough to have worked with a wealthy or famous family before
because that just gets you the interview. The standards at The Network
are unmatched by the typical employment agency because most of those
types of operations are high-volume and commission-driven. Additionally,
most employment agencies are staffed with college interns and temporary
employees, none of which have actually done the job of a personal
assistant, so properly “qualifying” candidates is very difficult at

Network is a boutique operation that spends an inordinate amount of
time interviewing candidates so that a perfect match can be made with
potential employers. Moreover, The Network specializes in personal
assistants and estate managers only. Other employment agencies are
mostly “jack of all trades” and try to be all things to all people,
which says a lot about that kind of operation. “In my opinion,” says
Brian, “it is impossible to have the type of quality control I have if
you place personal assistants, estate managers, gardeners, privates
chefs, maids, nannies, and security personnel. It isn’t possible to have
a personal relationship with your staff, candidates and clients if you
have 500 people you’re working with.”

The Celebrity Personal
Assistant Network currently represents personal assistants that have
worked with Paul Newman, Cindy Crawford, Al Pacino, Denise Richards,
Britney Spears, Jay Z, Damon Wayons, and Ashton Kutcher to name a few.
It goes without saying that The Network’s current client list is
confidential. This business is all about secrecy,” says Brian. “It’s not
only for the benefit of my clients and personal assistants, but also
for my business. The other employment agencies are desperate to find out
who I’m working with and that data is as protected as the JFK
assassination files at the CIA.”

Brian Daniel rarely grants
interviews to the press for fear of damaging his reputation for
discretion. Most of the pop culture magazines always want Daniel to name
names or to have the article take a gossip-like slant. However, Brian
Daniel and The Network were recently featured on the home page of in an article titled “How to Earn Six Figures as a Personal

For more information about hiring a personal assistant
in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, contact The Celebrity Personal
Assistant Network at

Bespoke Software Development C Sharp Programming Raleigh and Zip Code Lookup Available

August 25, 2015

More and more businesses are using a variety of technology
today. These firms typically have online websites for clients today.
Sites require a variety of online web based application programs.

Some firms require special programs to run their business
effectively. This is quite common as many are experts in their industry
only. However, they are not necessarily experts in technology software.

As a result, many seek software programs to increase efficiency. This
is very important to a well functioning successful company. There are
other ways to find software programs most do not realize.

Many companies begin their search in computer stores and sites. They
look to find a software program that meets their needs. However, most
over the counter programs will never meet all needs.

This is why companies should seek bespoke software development.
Bespoke software development is custom created by professionals. Thus, a
program is created specifically for a company and one’s needs.

This bespoke software development service is offered online. Many
sites advertise this customized service on the Internet. One company is
an expert and has great customer testimonials.

Bespoke software development can occur in any industry desired.
Clients who have hired this service are in the medical industry. Others
include business, banking, and even the education industry.

Consultants are experts in bespoke software development services.
They have the experience and background necessary for success.
Consultants are dedicated to great bespoke software development.

Other consultants offer C# programming Raleigh assistance to clients.
This type of programming is a custom programming technique used. It
requires a level of expertise and knowledge to use correctly.

C# programming Raleigh based is a popular service by tech sites. This
service is popular because of its versatility with other skills. This
computer language is easily used with others if done properly.

Thus, hiring C# programming Raleigh professionals is important. This
ensures clients receive the proper program needed for the job. C#
programming Raleigh professionals are experts in other areas.

These C# programming Raleigh programmers have other skills as well.
These skills are related to .NET skills that are quite beneficial.
Clients have a choice when hiring and working with professionals.

Zip code lookup is another service offered by websites online. The
zip code lookup service is quite useful with many clients. A zip code
lookup can find zip codes based on several criteria.

Zip code lookup service returns information based on zip codes. Zip
code lookup provides data on areas surrounding a zip code. This
information can be very helpful to a variety of businesses.

Are Hardware and Software Separate

August 23, 2015

Hardware and software were separate realms in previous years. Recent
advancements have enmeshed the two with software now being available to
keep hardware performing in a reliable and secure mode. The old idea
that hardware is unpredictable is slowly being phased out. The software
can hold the fort and keep systems running by being on the job around
the clock. The instructions that are being implemented at the level of
the hardware are kept updated by the software that is designed to keep a
check on any performance issues.

The storage devices that are the backbone of a business need to be
instructed and managed by commands which can be changing all the time.
As the device inside the machine is a part of the worldwide network of
devices, upgrades can help the storage sitting inside a computer to be
posted on what is happening all around the network. This level of
maintenance cannot be provided by the staff of an organization as it
involves intricacy and complexity. Hardware maintenance can be deputed
to a provider of the services at a very efficient cost so that the
storage is not let down by a lapse by its users.

A business
develops its methods and models after many years of trial and error. The
accumulation of data through the years forms the intellectual property
of a company that can be valuable in the millions to a new operator
looking to expand their business. With so much riding on the security of
the storage unit, a mismatch with the code that operates the storage
can turn out to be a fundamental error in system security. It is
necessary to keep the hard drives in the custody of the company after
they have been taken out of operation. When a professional service is
within reach, the systems can keep functioning without facing any risk
of a long duration out of protective care. Many of the older versions of
devices can be extended to carry on functioning if they are used
relatively infrequently.

A good consulting service can provide a viable plan for a business with
regard to the devices that can be replaced with new models that are
equipped with the latest in technological advances. With a change of
operating system, users can get flummoxed with the simplest of commands.
Expert guidance through these issues can help users to grasp the
nuances quickly and not waste countless hours in navigating through the
system. If such a complexity is existent at the end of the user
interface, the deeper issues that can be encountered at the level of the
hardware can be visualized by users. When the tools are available to
enable smooth functioning, the business and its infrastructure cry aloud
for these advanced features that take maintenance to new heights. These
codes are written for a particular circuitry and cannot run with a
change of the processor. Replacing processors might sound attractive but
the issue of compatibility with the framework on which it will work
needs to be checked.

Solar Thermal Technology on an Industrial Scale

August 23, 2015

Solar Thermal Technology on an Industrial Scale

Our sun produces 400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 watts of energy every second and the belief is that it will last for another 5 billion years. The United States reached peak oil production in 1970, and there is no telling when global oil production will peak, but it is accepted that when it is gone the party is over. The sun, however, is the most reliable and abundant source of energy.

Solar Thermal vs. Photovoltaic

It is important to understand that solar thermal technology is not the same as solar panel, or
photovoltaic, technology. Solar thermal electric energy generation concentrates the light from the sun to create heat, and that heat is used to run a heat engine, which turns a generator to make electricity.

The working fluid that is heated by the concentrated sunlight can be a liquid or a gas. Different working fluids include water, oil, salts, air, nitrogen, helium, etc. Different engine types include steam engines, gas turbines, Stirling engines, etc. All of these engines can be quite efficient, often between 30% and 40%, and are capable of producing 10s to 100s of megawatts of power.

Photovoltaic, or PV energy conversion, on the other hand, directly converts the suns light into electricity. This means that solar panels are only effective during daylight hours because storing electricity is not a particularly efficient process. Heat storage is a far easier and efficient method, which is what makes solar thermal so attractive for large-scale energy production.

Heat can be stored during the day and then converted into electricity at night. Solar thermal plants that have storage capacities can drastically improve both the economics and the dispatchability of solar electricity.

Competing with Fossil Fuels

Solar thermal power currently leads the way as the most cost-effective solar technology on a large scale. It currently beats other PV systems, and it also can beat the cost of electricity from fossil fuels such as natural gas. In terms of low-cost and high negative environmental impact, nothing competes with coal.

But major solar thermal industry players such as eSolar, Brightsource, or Abengoa, have already beaten the price of photovoltaic and natural gas, and they have plans to beat the price of coal in the near future.

With an increasingly industrializing planet, the leaders in solar thermal technology have an ever-growing market. The issue is, and will always be, how to make solar thermal technology more economical. There are currently two methods for solar thermal collection. The first is line focus collection.

The second is point focus collection. Line focus is less expensive, technically less difficult, but not as efficient as point focus. The basis for this technology is a parabola-shaped mirror, which rotates on a single axis throughout the day tracking the sun. Point focus technique requires a series of mirrors surrounding a central tower, also known as a power tower. The mirrors focus the suns rays onto a point on the tower, which then transfers the heat into more usable energy.

Point focus, though initially costlier and technically more nuanced, outshines line focus when results are concerned. The point of focus in a line focus mirror array can only reach temperatures around 250 C.

That is a sufficient temperature to run a steam turbine, but when compared to the 500 C
and higher temperatures that point focus can reach, the extra effort and cost is balanced out by its greater efficiency capability. High efficiency matters because it drives down both the land usage, and the effective cost per kWhr of the plant.

Major Solar Thermal Players

Spain and Australia are the current leading countries in solar thermal energy production. Spain already produces a large portion of their electricity though their solar thermal facilities, some built by solar thermal powerhouses such as Acciona and Abengoa the creator of the PS10 and soon PS20.

The California based solar thermal company, eSolar, and the Israeli company, Brightsource, are fast growing competitors. Abengoa is opening the first power tower to be used for commercial energy production. eSolar is working with Southern California Edison to use solar thermal technology to generate 245 MW of power. Similarly, BrightSource has contracts with
Pacific Gas and Electric Company to bring even more solar thermal generated power to California.

Land Requirements

Another challenge for solar thermal is the amount of space required for efficient production of energy. Not only space, but space that gets a consistent amount of direct sunlight. Solar thermal power plants typically require 1/4 to 1 square mile or more of land. One silver lining of global climate change and human impact on the land is that more and more farmland is becoming unsuitable for agricultural production. This land, presumably originally chosen for its sun exposure, begs to be used for solar thermal energy production. Utilization of desertification can prove to be a boon for solar thermal real estate procurement and growth.

With solar thermal technologies being developed and advanced by companies such as eSolar,
Brightsource, Abengoa, Acciona, Ausra and Schott Solar, the world has a new alternative. The benefits of eliminating coal from our energy diet are many. By not burning fossil fuels, countries can be truly energy independent.

Also, by limiting, and hopefully eliminating, carbon emissions, a nations pollution
will not be windswept into another nations territories, further cementing the concept of
independence. Solar thermal plants are being built around the world, and many new planned plants are in the works.

Solar thermal is the current solar electricity cost champion, but more improvements are needed to beat the cost of the lowest-cost fossil fuels in a legislative climate without subsidies or carbon taxes. will teach you how to build solar & wind power systems for
your home within a weekend.

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