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Free Download For Animation Softwaresoftware 3 D Animation

June 29, 2015

Most free animation software downloads available will most likely be limited with features available. A natural occurrence it may seem but if you are like me and are just exploring animating, I want to be able to have a number of functions and controls available.

As a first time starter a good places to start is an animation program with a step-by-step tutorial video and manual guides. This will enable your animation experience a whole lot more enjoyable. It is important as well that you need to know how the software operates, it is like operating a word processor for the first time if you dont know how to save or use any of the basic functions it is of no value to you the customer.

Animation is not easy to learn at first and to search for free download animation software is not likely to yield in user friendly software and lead to frustration and failure. Most animation experts will advise you to look for a program that is high quality, easy to use; has a regular updating system and will be able to teach you.

Preparation in animation is very time consuming, so having a fast working program with a good layout set-up and guidance will help you manage time animating more efficiently.
The demand for 3D animators is relatively high. Most big budget Hollywood films use a lot of 3D animation technology to stand out from the crowd and raise ticket sales.

We are not talking about you becoming the next Walt Disney, but it is important that if you are really keen to learn 3D animation a free software is not advisable due to lack of training and guidance.
The probability of contracting a virus or Trojan in your operating system is increased; the likelihood of the program being user friendly is low.

Getting free stuff is one of my pet loves as well but for me I will only use it for the purpose of research. If I like it after the trial period I will buy it. A good example of this is the BYOB program I trialed for 60 days; it made a huge difference and allowed me to manage things such as time in a better and structural way.

Leading animation programs such as 3DMax and Pixar are quite highly priced with good quality animation programs and you want get these for free.

The new rising 3d animation software developers Illusion Mage is not as highly priced and according to the reviews on the website and other review sites it is as good as the leaders and is putting real pressure on those multi-million dollar companies.

As discussed earlier it is important to remember to select a program if just learning the ropes that will give you a good tutorial and support.

Animation is an art.

Illusion mage are at the hotspot given you the option to turn your personal computer into an animation studio with minimal financial risk.

Jason Stead

The hot keys:

Software operation adaptability
Same playing level as 3D MAX and MAYA
Pixar and Walt Disney results
Video step by step training
200 page training manual
Online support, membership, updates and email contact service
Rapid animation results
60 day trial period money back guarantee.

This would be a very good place to start:
What do you think?

Thank you for reading Free Download for Animation Software

Gate Exams for Admission to M.Tech Colleges in India

June 29, 2015

In our country many live with a mind-set that becoming a doctor or
engineer is a guarantee of secured future for their child. To some
extent it is even true, but it all totally depends on the individuals.
Although placements offer a student better environment to become
an intellectual person in his/her professional and personal life. And
aspirants certainly become eligible to answer placement test questions
of Google, Microsoft and other big companies and thus can easily obtain
high salaried jobs in Indian as well as foreign offices of one of these
mentioned companies. But at the end, being a good person withhumanity
makes a difference. However, in our country several career options are
now available for youngsters to choose from and lead their lives on. Yet
an engineer or doctor is given higher regards and is seen with respect.
This is why; our universities are producing a large number of doctors
and engineers each year.

Just like obtaininghigher academic and professional degrees in any
other discipline, M.Tech also requires a lot of preparation and
particular approach to crack the entrance exam. After B.Tech, one can
get admission in M.Tech if qualifies Gate Entrance Exam. Gate; most
commonly known as Graduate Aptitude Test in engineering tests
comprehensive understanding of all subjects in undergraduate technology
or engineering program. Scores earned in Gate reflect overall
performance of a candidate and are used for admission to post-graduate
engineering programs in India higher education institution. Many
companies in private and public sector may also use Gate scores for
employment scrutiny process.

M.Tech admission 2013 procedure for
Gate qualified candidates is quite differ from non-qualified students.
According to the scores earned in Gate and as per individual preferences
for universities, a merit list is declared. Shortlisted candidates are
then examined for suitability test by their choice of institutions
across nation. However, for non-Gate qualified candidates, the
examination procedure is set by the university candidate has applied
for. Students are asked for submitting their admission form to post
graduate program in engineering and technology and afterwards selection
committee choose students on the basis of their performance in
qualifying examination and interview.

Here are given top ten M.Tech Colleges in India :

1.IIT Bombay, India

2.IIT Kanpur, , India

3.IIT Delhi, India

4.BITS, Pilani University, India

5.IIT Kharagpur, , India

6.IIT Madras, India

7.IIT Varanasi(ex-IT BHU), , India

8.IIIT Allahabad, India

9.IIT Guwahati, India

10.ISMDhanbad, India

There is no direct provision for admission in any of these colleges and
one must have to clear either Gate or qualifying examination as per
respective universities. On behalf of National Coordination Board,
department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development
and Government of India, Gate is conducted by seven IITs and Indian
Institute of Science to assess student’s knowledge of undergraduate
subjects in their B.Tech. Qualifying Gate paves the road towards golden
future of our youths.

Use A Decision Making Software Application And Manage Decisions Better

June 29, 2015

Loss of patented knowledge is a nightmarish situation for any organization. Imagine losing all your customer and critical business data to your competitor. Can you even think in your worst nightmare the implication of something like this happening? Organizations worldwide are competing in an environment that is getting tougher with each passing day and this is why everyone wants to hold their data close to their heart. Investment in a cloud based knowledge management system seems to be a rather prudent option in this scenario. I would rather you invest in an application that can double up as a decision making software application.

Cloud computing is the current technology application that everyone is talking about. Cloud computing is a network system that works as a standard network system apart from the fact that the network is established over the internet. So, when you invest in a cloud based knowledge management system you save lot of money on hardware. There are no expensive server machines required and you dont need to spend on network cables and network engineers. You can outsource the entire networking management and have an experienced partner take care of your secure networking requirement.

With a cloud based knowledge management system you can allow collaborative decision making. If your employees are spread across the country or globally they can log into the server using secure credentials. You can save all your data on the cloud server that everyone can access and this helps everyone make the right decisions.

All this while we thought that decision making is a behavioral process but now there are partners that are offering decision making software applications. A decision making software application helps decision making by making available precedents, historical records and data on future trends. When a group of employees knows that they have data to make decisions they forget internal spats and instead focus on making the best decisions for their organization. In the process an organization can also identify the best decision makers working for it. Its a win-win for everyone.

With the right kind of partner you can get knowledge management system and a decision making software application as a single application. The process is absolutely simple there is no need to download anything or install any application. The moment you decide to start you can start. You will find prospective partners that offer free trial periods so why not make use of this facility? You will find that managing data is as simple as it can ever be. You dont need any credit card for the free trial signup and there are no contracts to sign or commitments to make. If you are happy with the product, as you would be, you can sign up at the end of the trial period.

Try decision making using a state of the art knowledge management system and you will instantly see the benefits. Your decision making software application will facilitate decisions for your organization for both short and long terms.

How to Buy the Right POS Hardware that is Compatible with your POS Software

June 28, 2015

When you set out to shop, you will discover that many POS
companies have a recommended list of POS hardware. You must certainly
look at this before you purchase anything. In case you find a good deal
on a particular piece of hardware that is not on the list, call or email
the company. Maybe, they have tested it and merely not updated their
list. Lastly, ensure that the hardware is compatible with the operating
system of your computer. For example, if you are using Windows 7, be
certain that it works with that. Likewise, if you are using OS X, ensure
it works on that.

If you are not able to confirm that the hardware you
have chosen will work with your software, make sure that you inform this
to the store manager that you will return the device if the hardware is
not compatible. The last things you want is get stuck with something
that does not work for you and your system.

What kind of POS hardware must you look for?

This depends mainly on your POS software. Varied POS systems allow you
to use different kinds of hardware. For example, if your software allows
you to print and scan barcodes, you must consider purchasing a printer
and a barcode scanner.

Based on what you are selling, you may
wish to purchase a receipt printer. These devices print bills onto
rolled paper. Majority of POS software can work with these. Using a
laser printer, you can print receipts onto an A4 paper or letter. This
is the right option if you have a lot of data to be shared on your

You may also consider a pole display or mini second monitor to display
data to your customers about their purchase. But, these may or may not
work with your computer. You can check this with your POS software
company and get the provision installed.

You may also want a
credit card reader, particularly if your POS system provides integrated
credit card processing. The software firm will possibly recommend or
offer you a reader if this is the case.

Cash drawers and electronic cash registers are other important aspects of the POS hardware bundle that you may require.

In conclusion, while shopping for the POS hardware, keep in mind that
the tools you want to buy depends on the POS software you have. Ensure
that whatever you purchase will be compatible with your system and in
case, unfortunately, if they don’t work, have the option of returning
them for some other device or a full refund.

Get The Best Data Recovery

June 26, 2015

Data are the important information of the users stored in the
system for their own usage. The information may be personal or
professional. The data has everything important and useless stored in
it. If the file becomes corrupted, this information would get lost. The
loss of useless or not-so-important information is of no harm, but the
loss of important information creates many problems and the user become
panic stricken. Any error in information system, due to which, the
information gets destroyed by negligence or failures, results in the
data loss. To recover the lost file, the software for data recovery is
used. This software makes the restoration of lost information possible.
Download the Best Buy Data Recovery software and recover the lost or
corrupted files.
Data loss or corruption is the common problem of any
computer user and it can be minimized if and only if its causes are
focused on. The need of Best Buy Data Recovery software is mentioned as

Knowing about the reasons of this can minimize the risk, but the
chances of file loss do not become zero. Thus, to recover the lost
information, it is essential to be careful and patient. The first and
foremost care should be taken at the time of storing data. The back-up
file is an essentially important thing to remember. If you had not
created the back-up for your files, and your file got corrupted or
damaged, you may use some common and easy manual methods to restore your
files. If it works, it’s well and good; otherwise, switch to the Buy
Best Data Recovery software for the restoration of your lost files. The
key features of this software are as under:

Download the best data recovery software and make your system lively
again by getting back your lost and corrupted files. Trial version is
also available for the users to make them satisfy with the workings nd
utilities of the software. Download for Windows and recover the lost and
corrupted file in windows. Download for Mac and make the recovery of
corrupted and damaged data possible.

Important Computer Tips to Consider

June 23, 2015

Remove all temporary files and also files and programs that you
haven’t used or have on intention of using again. Believe me, when I say
that we all have these on our computer. I went through my computer’s
hard drive and found programs that I hadn’t used for months. I couldn’t
believe the amount of clutter and files that I had on my hard drive.

Install a firewall if you keep your computer constantly on.

Using a broadband or DSL connection dramatically increases your exposure
to being hacked. It only takes an average of 15 minutes being online
before a home-based computer is attacked. The only true way to protect a
computer from a hacker is to install a hardware firewall.

In addition to being informative, your online computer repair session
can save you both the efforts and money. As a sincere computer
enthusiast, you cannot compromise your PC’s safety. When it comes to
pesky technical errors, the ideal way to make sure your PC is protected
against virus, spyware and other security threats

If you suspect your computer is infected with malware, immediately
stop all your shopping, banking and other online activities that involve
user names, passwords and other sensitive personal information and run a
complete scan on your computer. Turn off your wireless adapter when
you’re not using it.

Prepare a Plan… Think of how you usually use the internet. How many
computers do you have access to? Or have access to you? Does each of
those computers have malware protection installed? Even if it does
already you may need to install more than one product just to be double

Organize. A little observed, but very effective, computer strategy is
to organize your home based business ideas files and folders in such a
way that everything you need is within reach. This way, you can move
seamlessly from one task to another without wasting time searching for

* Put commonly used files in one place, such as your Documents folder.
Also, use full filenames so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Also, have a look at your start-up menu and view how many programs you
really need to take up the start up time of the computer. A lot of the
problem boils down to Windows reallocating programs to the start up
because of the command line in the program itself. Investigating this
and removing a host of unnecessary programs you don’t need at start up
will speed up your computer.

Utilize Removable Media.

By transferring your pictures, audio, and video clips to removable media such as CD-RW discs, you

can free your hard disk from the unnecessary burden. The result: Your PC now runs faster.

This is another vital tip. Clean up your registry errors. The registry
is the hub of your computer and stores vital information relating to the
hardware and software that you have on your harddrive.

Computers are an expensive investment and keeping them running
efficiently is crucial. If you are comfortable handling a small computer
repair yourself, give it a try.

How To Use Online Mutual Funds Software. Provided By Redvisiontech

June 23, 2015

Our web site completely supported but our Mutual Funds software, Wealth Management software and Financial Planning software can produce money advisor a thriving money service provider. we offer a mature and experienced development team for implementing ideas in real business, these days we’ve an inclination to proud on providing the foremost smart Mutual Funds software package to Indian Mutual funds Advisors.
This Mutual Funds software is very reliable and intensely user friendly for Indian IFA. The foremost necessary a section of the software is generating client based report is connected to SMS & Email access that keep the buyer up to the current purpose by periodical alerts.
REDVision Technology provides this Wealth Management software package to investment advisers, money planners, Share brokers, general Insurance, life Insurance agents for following investments product happiness to different quality classes. The money planner can higher do money planning task with intrinsic money designing software.
Wealth Eoffice have various able to use modules line to desires of little and medium sized Wealth informative firms, however as large company requiring a fully integrated resolution for Investments in Mutual Funds, general insurance, Equity, Post work, FD, Gold/Silver property.
With of those advance feature and massive range of client base REDVision Technology may be a number one money software resolution provider at intervals the quality management business in India. Our multi Wealth Management software is hottest as web based totally Mutual Funds and Financial Planning Software system for money advisors, established in 2006; the company has been promoted by very techno money Professionals dedicated to produce total IT solutions below one roof. It possesses not entirely the latest technology solutions but in addition the foremost familiar and ability hands to produce most user friendly wealth management software and Indias best on-line Mutual Funds product, different product of REDVision Technologies ranges from money internet site development, FP Samurai a Financial Planning Software, money tickers, Portfolio Management software. REDVision Technologies has sensible grasp over money Technologies and quality implementations of best feature in highest user friendly manner.
Your Investors can browse their family portfolio from anywhere among the world.
Simple and straightforward to Use.
Reports accessible like group action, Valuation, Brokerage, financial gain Tax, and AUM.
Inbuild money designing modules.
Manage all assets in one portfolio.
For a lot of detail:
Company name: Redvision Technologies
Blog URL:

In the Beginning The Annotated Supreme Programmer

June 21, 2015

From the King James [Alternate Universe] Version (KJAUV)


the beginning the Supreme Programmer (SP) programmed software creating
the virtual Heaven and the virtual Earth. [Supreme Programmer’s Note
(SPN): but wait, there’s more to come!]

2 And the virtual Earth
was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
And so the creativity of the SP moved upon the face of the waters with
big plans afoot.

3 And the SP programmed in light and there was light. [SPN: I like light. Light is good. Light is, well, enlightening]

And the SP saw the light, that it was a good light and that there were
no software glitches and then the SP divided the light from the
darkness. [SPN: that division was a really neat programming trick if I
do say so myself.]

5 And the SP called the light day, and the
darkness he called night. And the evening and the morning were the first
day and the SP called it a night.

6 And the SP said, let there be
a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters
from the waters. [SPN: I had a few too many martinis at this juncture
and that’s why this reads as pure nonsense – sorry ’bout that.]

And the SP programmed the firmament, and divided the waters which were
under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament and
it was so and there were no software glitches. [SPN: see my comment
immediately above, but otherwise think of this as a heavenly firmament
sandwich with very soggy bread.]

8 And the SP called the firmament
Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day and the SP
called it a night. [SPN: the reason for the waters above the Heavenly
firmament is so that Heaven will get some April showers.]

9 And
the SP programmed the waters under the heaven to be gathered together
unto one place, and let the dry land appear, and it was so and there
were no software glitches.

10 And the SP called the dry land
earth; and the gathering together of the waters the SP called the seas:
and the SP saw that it was good and that there were no software
glitches. [SPN: due to an oversight on my part, I forgot to mention the
third part of the trilogy, the atmosphere – oops – sort ’bout that.]

And the SP programmed the virtual Earth to bring forth virtual reality
grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after
his kind, whose seed was of itself, upon the earth: and it was so and
there were no software glitches. [SPN: in my infinite wisdom I invented
botany, simulated, of course.]

12 And the virtual Earth brought
forth virtual reality grass and herb yielding seed after his kind, and
the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was within itself, after his kind
and the SP saw that it was good and that there were no software
glitches. [SPN: not only botany, but masculine botany!]

13 And the evening and the morning were the third day and the SP called it a night. [SPN: I was pooped – wouldn’t you be?]

And the SP said, let there be lights in the firmament of the Heaven to
divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for
seasons, and for days, and years. [SPN: I’m just full of neat tricks!]

And let them be for lights in the firmament of the Heaven to give light
upon the virtual Earth and it was so. [SPN: not only “let there be
light” but “let there be lights”. More is better, don’t you agree?]

And the SP made two great simulated lights; the greater light to rule
the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.
[SPN: damn I’m good!]

17 And the SP set them in the firmament of the Heaven to give light upon the Earth.

And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light
from the darkness: and the SP saw that it was good and that there were
no software glitches.

19 And the evening and the morning were the fourth day and the SP called it a night.

And the SP said let the waters [that were previously gathered together]
bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl
that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of Heaven. [SPN: in
case you though my virtual Heaven was way, way, way out there, well even
the birds can routinely perch there.]

21 And the SP created great
whales, and every living creature that moves, which the waters brought
forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his
kind: and the SP saw that it was good and that there were no software


22 And the SP blessed them, saying, be fruitful, and multiply, and
fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth. [SPN:
actually that should read “fowl multiply on or over the earth.]

23 And the evening and the morning were the fifth day and the SP called it a night.

And the SP said, let the virtual Earth bring forth the living creature
after his kind, cattle, and creeping things, and beasts of the earth
after his kind and it was so. [SPN: in my infinite wisdom I also
invented zoology, also simulated, of course, and masculine too – of

25 And the SP made the beast of the Earth after his kind
and cattle after their kind, and every thing that crept upon the earth
after his kind: and the SP saw that it was good and that there were no
software glitches. [SPN: I do love to endlessly repeat myself.]

And the SP said; let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and
let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of
the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every
creeping thing that crept upon the earth. [SPN: I’ve invented masculine

[Supplementary SPN: Unfortunately, in my not so infinite wisdom, I now have screwed up, Big Time.]

So the SP created a virtual man in his own image, in the image of the
SP created he him; male and female created he them, virtually. [SPN:
Another round of too many martinis in that I made a virtual man and a
virtual him when I should have said I made a virtual man and woman. I
also need to improve my grammar. Sorry ’bout that.]

28 And the SP
blessed them, and the SP said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply, and
replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of
the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that
moved upon the earth. [SPN: when I screw up, I really screw up! Well at
least I’ll be responsible for giving birth to The Greens!]

29 And
the SP said, behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is
upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the
fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. [SPN: what I
really mean here is that plants are food for plant eaters which in turn
are meat for meat eaters – got that?]

30 And to every beast of
the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that crept
upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for
meat and it was so. [SPN: see immediately above.]

31 And the SP saw every thing that he had made, and,
behold, it was very good and that there were no software glitches. And
the evening and the morning were the sixth day and the SP called it a


Thus the virtual Heavens and the virtual
Earth were finished and all the host of them. [Supreme Pprogrammer’s
Note (SPN): I have no idea what “all the host of them” means, but it
sounds good.]

2 And on the seventh day the Supreme Programmer (SP)
ended his work which he had made and he rested on the seventh day from
all his work which he had made and then the SP called it a night, but
before tucking in he first reread Chapter One in his textbook “How to
improve Your Grammar In Six Easy Lessons”.

3 And the SP blessed
the seventh day, and sanctified it because that in it he had rested from
all his bits and bytes programming work which the SP endlessly debugged
and made glitch free.

4 These are the generations of the virtual
heavens and of the simulated Earth when they were created, in the day
that the SP programmed the virtual Earth and the simulated Heavens.
[SPN: grammar still needs working on.]

5 And every plant of the
field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it
grew, for the SP had not programmed it to rain upon the Earth, and there
was not a software-man to till the software-generated ground. [SPN:
see, a miracle!]

6 But there went up a virtual mist from the
virtual earth, and virtually watered the whole face of the ground. [SPN:
miracles are good but natural is better.]

7 And then the SP
formed software-man of the simulated dust of the simulated ground, and
breathed into his simulated nostrils the virtual breath of life; and man
became a living soul. [SPN: don’t try this at home kids; the best laid
plans of simulated mice and software-man can go down the gurgler in
untrained paws.]

8 And then the SP planted a simulated garden
eastward in Eden, and there he put the software-man whom he had
programmed on his computer.

9 And out of the ground made the SP to
grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the
tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge
of good and evil. [SPN: I give up, grammar is just too damn difficult,
even for me.]

10 And a virtual river went out of Eden to water the
simulated garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four

11 The name of the first is the virtual Pishon: that is it
which compassed the whole land of Havilah, where there is simulated
fool’s gold. [SPN: I made this name up to throw future tree-of-knowledge
seekers off the scent.]

12 And the simulated fool’s gold of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone. [SPN: I also invented mineralogy.]

And the name of the second river is the virtual Gihon: the same is it
that compassed the whole land of Ethiopia. [SPN: I made this name up

14 And the name of the third river is the virtual Hiddekel:
that is it which goes toward the east of Assyria. [SPN: I fibbed; the
real name is the Tigris.] And the fourth virtual river is the Euphrates.
[Supreme Programmer’s Note: one out of four ain’t too bad.]

And then the SP took the software-man, and put him into the simulated
Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. [SPN: since this was before
there were trade unions, software-man was my virtual slave on less than
minimum wage.]

16 And the SP commanded the software-man, saying, of every tree of the garden thou may freely eat.

But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shall not eat
of it for in the day that thou eat thereof thou shall surely die. [SPN:
speak softly but carry a big stick.]

18 And the SP said it is not
good that the software-man should be alone so I will make him a help
meet [computer jargon for software-woman] for him.

19 And out of
the ground the SP formed every beast of the field and every fowl of the
air; and brought them unto the software-man who the SP named
software-Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever
software-Adam called every living creature that was the name thereof.
[SPN: I changed my previously infallible mind at this point and created
software-man before the simulated beasts by overriding my earlier
software that I programmed as outlined in Genesis 1. I wouldn’t want to
befuddle the great unwashed with contradictions.]

20 And
software-Adam gave names to all cattle and to the fowl of the air and to
every beast of the field; but for software-Adam there was not found a
help meet [software-woman] for him.

21 And the SP caused a deep
sleep to fall upon software-Adam, and he slept: and the SP virtually
took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof. [SPN: one
could say I practiced medicine without a license, but there were no
medical tribunals back when I ruled the roost.]

22 And the rib,
which the SP had virtually taken from software-man Adam, made him a
software-woman [the help meet], and brought her unto the software-man.
[SPN: there’s more but this is a family-friendly, not an x-rated text.]

[Supplementary SPN: When you program software, anything goes, even creating man from dust and woman from a rib.]

And software-Adam said this is now a simulated bone of my virtual
bones, and simulated flesh of my virtual flesh and she shall be called
software-woman, because she was taken out of software-man. [SPN: when it
comes to logic, Mr. Spock will take lessons from me.]

Therefore shall a software-man leave his subroutine-generated
software-father and his subroutine-generated software-mother
[subroutines which the SP programmed in later as an afterthought], and
shall cleave unto his software-wife and they shall be as one
software-generated flesh of the simulated kind. [SPN: parenthood doesn’t
yet enter into the picture but I thought it a good time to introduce
the concept.]

25 And they were both virtually naked, the
software-man and his software-wife, and were not ashamed because there
were no software glitches to make them so.

[Supreme Programmer’s
Final Note: God, are they in for a nasty virtual reality surprise!
Virtual Earth and software-humanity have no idea of the programming
misery I’m planning to inflict on them. But then I never claimed to be
Mr. Nice Guy, just Mr. Infallible, Mr. All-Knowing, and Mr.
All-Powerful. But before I get to inflicting all the simulated pain yet
to come, it’s time for a martini (or twenty) and then I’ll call it a


Is Forklift Certification Right For You

June 21, 2015

Are you considering a career in fork lifting? If so, then
forklift certification may be the right path for you. You will be able
to build on the skills you already have and incorporate them with
detailed knowledge to assist you in a new and prosperous career as an
operator of heavy machinery, but first you will need to receive this
special training before you can reap the rewards.

You may already believe that you have the basic
knowledge needed to perform heavy machinery. Basic knowledge is a
wonderful thing to have, but the truth is that you will need detailed
and skilled knowledge that you can only obtain through forklift
certification. These specially skilled operators are always high in
demand, yet the number of those that are qualified to actually operate
the equipment remains limited. In order to operate the above mentioned
equipment, you will need a specific skill set in which can only be
obtained from special, detailed training. This training is specific to
your job set, and will be required, as with any heavy machinery
operator, to be obtained and maintained once received. You will need to
seek out a credible program in order to pursue this career path.

You cannot operate the equipment without forklift certification.
Forklifts are categorized as heavy machinery, therefore, they can pose a
small risk just as any other vehicle from the same family of industrial
vehicles. This is why training is an absolute must. The job setting can
vary from inside warehouses to outdoors in extreme temperatures. You
may be exposed to fumes or other hazardous materials. Be prepared to
learn about all of this and ways to protect yourself during your

While you are in training, you will learn several
topics of interest that are specific to your needs. You will not only
learn how to operate the equipment itself, but you will also learn
efficiency. You will be taught safety guidelines from a general
standpoint to the most detailed of information. You will be taught a
general overview of the information you may already know. You can build
on that material with the specifics of the program. General repair,
trouble shooting, and a crash course in some diagnostics will also be
taught. This will all come in handy in the event that you may encounter
some trouble. If you do get into that situation, then you will have the
proper skills to identify the issue and correct it as soon as possible.

Once you have been trained in all of the required material, you will be
given a test to confirm your comprehension of what you learned. When
you pass the test, you can then officially call yourself a forklift
operator. Take pride in your achievement. You will have accomplished
something wonderful. You will be able to join a career that is high in
demand but low in operators. Now you will have a choice to make. Many
doors will soon open for you. You will have to choose an employer. You
will be ready to start a prosperous career in an ever growing industry.

This should all be reason enough to seek out a forklift certification
program today. Again, be sure to choose an accredited program that is
right for you. Ask as many questions as you need to, and take notes. Any
money you invest will be money well spent. You will be investing in
your future. By doing so, you will soon be able to explore a new world
of possibilities that you may have never thought possible.

Benefits And Features of The Industrial Computer Enclosure

June 21, 2015

industrial computer enclosure is ideal for protecting your PC from
dust. The best protection for your computer in a hazardous environment
is the Armagard 400 series. It comes with a window frame that is about
22″ and can easily fit into any display that you choose. The PENC 400 is
a product of Armagard that is made from mild steel coated with powder.
It has a compartment with a sliding tray that is lockable. This allows
the use of the mouse and the key board. It provides a computer enclosure
that is dust proof which makes it an ideal choice for industrial and
factory areas. Such areas are usually prone to dust, grease, oil, liquid
splashes, theft and physical impact. This PENC 400 protects your PC
against all these.

PENC is a compact computer enclosure that is used in Europe and America
by leading distribution, manufacturing and industrial companies. It has
certain attractive features which make it the most preferred of other
computer enclosures. The following are some of the features that make it

The PENC is made from mild steel that is powder
coated. This makes it the ideal enclosure that protects your PC from
splash, dirt, dust and weather elements. This makes it most appropriate
for outdoor and indoor uses.The poly carbonate window that is shatter
proof makes it a long lasting screen protector. In addition, it will not
contaminate your product line in case it ever breaks.Another admirable
feature of the PENC is the universal VESA mount. This mount is most
useful in giving you the ability to mount LCD screen made by most
manufacturers.It does not matter which LCD/TFT monitor that you have. It
can be used on any of them and comes in sizes of up to 22″. All you
have to do is to choose a computer system that you want and add it to
the LCD instead of buying expensive machines.The seals used are also
water repellant and are made to fit any standard window, door and lock.
This makes it an efficient tool in preventing damage to your equipment.

things like liquids or heavy wash down are least likely to damage your
equipment if protected with PENC 400.The lifespan of your equipment can
be prolonged through maintaining a uniform temperature. An internal fan
is therefore necessary and that is where the PENC is most advantageous.
It has an internal fan which ensures that optimal temperature is
maintained thus ensuring that your equipments last longer.Modules for
air conditioning and heaters are some of the extras that come with this
product. They allow the unit to be installed at temperatures of up to
+4100F.You can customize your PENC by adding a sliding tray for the
integrated mouse and the key board.