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Extreme Programming – What is Extreme Programming

April 30, 2015

What is extreme programming?

Extreme programming is a subtype of the agile
development software process and is designed to improve the quality of
the software based on customer responses that initiate rapid creation
and results: the user experience feedback is used to provide “frequent
releases” of software in short, developmental cycles. Extreme
programming as a concrete method is new, but its strategies are old-hat
in the world of user interface design. Extreme programming takes all the
tried and true best practices of UX/ UI design and, perhaps for lack of
a better term, takes them to the extreme. In this article I will
discuss the extreme programming process as well as the pros and cons of
the method.

The extreme programming process in user interface design

programming is a discipline designed to maximize the potentialities of
the UI designer, customer, and product to produce higher quality
software and a higher quality software experience; all are partners as
part of a collaborative design team. The crucial component of extreme
programming is using the benefits of collaborative teamwork to ensure
the frequent release of software versions that can then be tested and
modified by users and UI designers alike.

Extreme programming is
flexible in terms of how each individual team decides to implement the
method, but there are generally four phases that need to occur in order
for the process to be categorized as extreme programming:

there are five values associated with extreme programming. The above
mentioned phases should be heavily influenced by the following five

extreme programming is a process that puts an extreme emphasis on the
relational aspect of user interface design, particularly in reference to
the users. Since users are given a much larger stake in the user
interface design process and are able to request changes in the products
they are using. Since extreme design promises the output of fast and
frequent versions, the method facilitates user interface design requests
well. Extreme design is a good method to use if you have a team that
you can compile that will work together cooperatively and with the same
level of commitment. It is also a method that best suits the needs of
smaller projects with smaller groups of users very well-the extreme
nature of the relational design approach could be overwhelming if
executed on a massive scale. Typically, a group of twelve or less is
recommended for extreme programming.

Benefits of extreme programming in UI design

hallmark benefit of extreme programming is customer satisfaction and an
efficient user interface design based on an intensive level of
stakeholder collaboration. Extreme design lends itself best to projects
on a smaller scale and it allows the principle of user experience
feedback to flourish, as users are given more power than just simple
feedback-they are invited to ask for changes and contribute ideas. Since
extreme programming is flexible in terms of the nitty gritty of its
implementation, it is also an inviting user interface design method
because those involved need only stick to the phases and principles of
the process. They can design the way they carry-out the method in any
way that they see fit.

Drawbacks of extreme programming in user interface design

as with all methods, extreme programming is not for everyone. It does
not suit large scale products or user interface designs and it requires a
very cooperative team and environment, because giving users the room to
make frequent demands for new versions of a UI design can become
problematic and a major headache for designers if users take this
freedom too far. It also requires a high level of relational skills from
all team members, and sometimes this is hard to find in reality.

Extreme relationship building

programming is a valuable design method that can be used to strengthen a
user interface design as well as the design team’s collaborative
skills. It is a relational model that challenges people to be as
cooperative as possible for the good of the user interface design. While
extreme programming can be used for designing products for external
customers, another interesting variation of the method is to use it as a
team-building exercise among a company’s internal design team. For
example, if an internal design team creates a user interface design and
then keeps it as a pet project to assist them in building their design
and relational skills, this practice method might translate to greater
success as the design team tackles projects aimed at the external world.
It is always good for user interface design teams to improve their
development skills as well as building their relationships with each
other. Either way, extreme programming is a valuable tool that can be
implemented in many variations for a better product and a better

How Trojan Horse Viruses Can Attack Your Computer

April 29, 2015

A trojan Horse virus is so called because of its reference to the Greek legend of Troy. The legend goes that a large wooden horse was left outside the gates of Troy as a peace offering from the Greeks, whom the trojans were at war with. Once inside, the horse burst open to reveal Greek soldiers who then destroyed the city.

trojan Horse viruses are similar because they appear to be a harmless program but once installed on your computer can wreak havoc with a number of viruses potentially hidden in its code. There is a slight difference between a Trojan Horse and an actual computer virus however. Unlike typical computer viruses, a Trojan Horse does not replicate itself.

One type of Trojan is known as Spyware. This type of program is designed to monitor your Internet surfing habits and use that information for things such as targeted marketing.

Another common problem that Trojan cause is the installation of a backdoor. This means that hackers have a hidden entrance to your computer in which they can send you spam, take control of your computer, or even destroy it. These types of Trojans can be very hard to detect and eradicate.

How Trojans are Distributed

You may be wondering how to protect yourself against Trojans. The first line of defense is knowing how they are distributed.

One of the most common ways is via a useful program such as a computer utility. Once you run the program with the hidden Trojan it can do what it wishes with your computer. Another common way to get a Trojan is through an email attachment. Many people receive executable files through email and don’t think twice about running it on their computer. Once the program is run, you have a Trojan. If you ever get an attachment with an .exe at the end make sure you run a virus scan before opening it.

It is even possible to embed an image with a Trojan. Once you view the picture the Trojan has invaded your computer. It is best to never open files, regardless of type, if you don’t know where they came from. Even well-meaning friends can accidentally email you an attachment which contains a Trojan.

Trojans often take advantage of your computer’s operating system and ports which connect it to the Internet. Some Trojans even allow others to take remote control over your computer and steal keystrokes which may just be your credit card number.

Fighting Trojans

Other than being wary of what you open and install, the best defense is an up to date anti-virus program. It is important that you ensure your anti-virus software is always current since new viruses come out each day. You can typically download free updates from the software provider. You should also ensure you have a firewall to protect you while online.

4 Tips to Choosing a Data Recovery Company

April 27, 2015

To a company, the loss of integral data can spell death to daily
operations and can cause serious financial repercussions. It is
therefore important that a company be always on the guard against the
eventuality that a company’s IT hardware may fail or be lost.

data crashes occur when some physical or logical error is introduced
into a system. Hard disks, CD-ROMs, Tape Drives and other storage media
can and will fail eventually. This could be caused by a host reasons –
power outages, physical damage to media, head crashes, motor problems
and the like.

Whatever the reason, you will need a means to
restore all this data. This is especially true if for some reason the
deleted, destroyed or corrupted data contains information that is not
backed up or existing in any other location anyway.

Although many
corporations have IT personnel and facilities to deal with such data
failures, in extreme cases, it would be better to employ the services of
a data recovery company. They are better equipped and have the
expertise to handle these sorts of problems.

Here are a few tips to help any company in assessing a data recovery company to partner with.

Facilities – When considering a data recovery company, always consider
whether they have the right equipment and facilities to deal with your
data recovery needs.

Many hard disk failures due to motor head
crashes or other physical malfunctions in the disk will require that the
disk be opened and possibly disassembled in the data recovery company’s
laboratories. Hard disks are sensitive, precision instruments and
cannot be opened and exposed to our normal environment. Dust and
particles in normal environment can wreak havoc on any sensitive media
an will result in your media suffering more damage than warranted –
further harming your chances of saving the data on the disks.

Ask around if the data recovery center has mechanical
cleanrooms that are Class 100. You might want to inquire if they also
possess integral equipment such as magnetometers to manually extract the
bits from your media.

If they do not have these facilities, you may want to move on to another data recovery company.

Partnership – While most people consider data recovery companies as
walk in and walk out services, it would be prudent to invest in a
relationship with a data recovery center that offers long-term services
to its customers.

For example, some data recovery companies will
offer training programs to help a company minimize the effects and
causes of common data loss problems. They will also teach one’s IT
department how to handle such situations so that recovery by the data
company can be expedited.

There are also companies that will offer
certifications to a company’s IT department to help solidify that
company’s data management credentials.

3. Know Your Needs – Not
all data recovery needs are equal. Some companies specialize in optical
media. Others specialize in magnetic media. While others are tops when
handling tape storage.

You will first have to assess your needs
before contacting a recovery company with your needs. Make sure the
company you approach can sufficiently handle that situation for you.

Look for Expertise – It may seem awkward, but it would be best if one
were to ask about the qualifications of the engineers in a data recovery
company. If they can roll out a wad of certifications and experience,
one would be less inclined towards anxiety whether their data is in good

Fast Pace and Coverage of Electronics Development in China

April 27, 2015

Fair Computer Repair Prices

April 26, 2015

Whether there is an economic boom or a recession, you can never rely on the quality of the products. You may have to shell out many bucks but still cannot go for cheaper sources as they are not reliable and cause much trouble afterwards. This is not exactly true, because the competition in the markets has increased and there are many numerous opportunities out there, which can provide you good services at low costs with fantastic quality.

There is one thing for sure, when you have a computer breakdown, a system crash or the server fails, it doesn’t give you any warning signals in advance and may happen at an opportune time when you have a desperate need for your computer. The same is generally not true always and when you might be in the middle of a very strategically important project on which you had been working on for days and weeks, and you are very close to a deadline approaching. If you are in a different city or country other than where you usually operate from and if you are working in the late hours of the night when your system has a breakdown and fails or stops functioning properly.

Fair computer repair prices are the ones those are not only pricing competitive, but they are worked out from a host of many of such factors such as associated costs and collateral damage. There are many computer repair sites available online, which can offer the cheapest prices since they have literally no overhead costs as because these online computer service stores in the virtual world and are working from a website and not from a physical retail service and repair shop in the real world.

There are certain types of computer repair jobs that come at a time when the cost of repair is an important issue. The best prices for computer repairs are usually on flat rate pricing and not on the basis of per hour pricing, which provides you with some peace of mind relating to the expenses involved much ahead of the repair work getting started. If it is the computer desktop or laptop, the network, printer or some other related accessory that is connected with your system, there can be a price fixed in advance that doesnt come to you as an unexpected and unwarranted jacked up invoice.

Toronto Computer Repair Services : 888-412-3289

Finest Software Application Development Company in India With Perfect Execution

April 26, 2015

There are many categories in software industries and Web
Development is one of them. Genesis Technologies have also proven in
these platform too. They develop web applications on different platforms
like .NET, PHP etc. They are best in web development as they have
experts working on that applications according to their client’s
requirement. They are a world-class innovation counseling and
programming improvement outsourcing organization determined to convey
uncompromising quality. We utilize engineering to champion your business
desires. We have teamed up, improve, tune in, and measure. In today’s
world, level of web applications is getting more & more advanced
with their latest features and technologies. As everyone is aware of the
latest trend in technology which runs in the market, so it’s important
to update in terms of new technologies which Genesis does very well.

New Technologies are making whole world very broad.
As everyone is looking for latest applications that comes in the market,
all these happen because of today’s generation. Technologies eases
human life very much as it saves lots of your important time and
increase your work efficiency & accuracy too. Once these newer
applications used, no one can go to older methods. Genesis technologies
also developed as top performer in software testing, as they use
automated tools for testing a product and try to give an error free
application. They work as the best software development services with
other extra software related activities like SEO, screen scraper,
scripting for various tools, ssis, ssrs etc. SEO means search engine
optimization is used to optimize your website in terms of increasing
your web traffic and rank on Google’s search engine page. It is the best
way to inform everyone about your product and enhance your business
& client too. Genesis technologies are the top SEO company in Indore
by their outstanding work.

One more area which is developing very rapidly is mobile web
development. As time is going, different mobile applications are
developed day to day. We all know, today every where android devices are
operating by every one. There are many smart phones developed at every
day. The whole world is going crazy to Android phone’s features and
latest applications developed for it. With these devices one can know
everything from everywhere sitting at their home, no need to go
anywhere. Just connect to the Internet and you can do whatever you want
to do with these extremely advanced devices. There are a huge number of
mobile clients, who progressively depend on their handsets to work and
diversion. Clients revel in investing time on diverse recreations that
give an extraordinary client-experience.

Cisco SMARTnet Hardware and Software Maintenance

April 24, 2015

Cisco SMARTnet Introduction

SMARTnet is a maintenance contract to cover Cisco hardware and
software. It is provided by Cisco, but usually sold by an authorised
Cisco Reseller. Normally the contract period lasts for one year but
Cisco will give discounts for longer contracts.

Do you need it?

Cisco devices run the Cisco IOS operating system, which is constantly
being updated and upgraded, there are only two (legal) ways of obtaining
the updates to the IOS software, one is to purchase it every time it
changes, the second is to take out a SMARTnet contract for your product
and download all of the updates for it as they are released.

Cover Details for Cisco Hardware


each item of Cisco hardware is assigned a category number from 1
through to 18, the higher the category the higher the cost of the cover.
So an 800 series router would be category 1, and a 3620 would be
category 7. Unfortunately this pricing structure was invented before the
arrival of Cisco ‘phones and although these should be category 0.2
there is no such category so they fall in to category 1 router price

Software Only or Hardware and Software Support

is sold in two forms, “software only” and “hardware and software”, both
provide software cover; ie both entitle you to download software
updates from Cisco, additionally the “hardware and software” version
provides hardware replacement should Cisco agree that your hardware is

SMARTnet Base and SMARTnet Onsite

and Software SMARTnet is also sold in two forms, SMARTnet Base and
SMARTnet Onsite – both include Advance Replacement of failed hardware,
but with SMARTnet Base the replacement hardware is shipped via normal
couriers and you must install it yourself, with SMARTnet Onsite, an
Engineer will be dispatched to install the hardware. The Engineer may
bring the hardware or it may arrive with a courier.

Advance Replacement

Replacement is the Cisco term for replacement of failed hardware, it’s
called advance replacement because the new hardware is shipped before
the failed hardware is returned.

Daily Cover

SMARTnet hardware
support is sold for two daily cover periods, this is the permitted time
that you are entitled to report faults to Cisco, for the lowest level of
cover this is defined as 8 hours a day, and 5 days a week, or 8×5. If
this is insufficient for your needs, the next available cover period is
24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

Response Time

Cisco SMARTnet Hardware contract defines the period of time by which
Cisco will have shipped replacement hardware. Once the requirement for a
replacement has been agreed Cisco will ship new hardware, of the exact
or better configuration that you have covered, within an agreed time
frame. The SMARTnet contract offers three levels of hardware response
times; NBD or Next Business Day, which can sometimes be referred to as
SDS or Same Day Ship, means that you can expect your replacement
hardware to arrive by the next working day. Should that be too long, two
more options are available, 4 or 2 hours. Cisco will endeavour to
provide the replacement hardware within 2 or 4 hours depending on your
contract. Obviously, there are certain requirements that need to be met
before Cisco will offer these levels of support, as not all geographic
locations are eligible. This is simply down to the logistics of having
an identical configuration of your hardware ready to go at a local
shipping point.

Access to TAC

The Cisco TAC
(Technical Assistance Centre) is the award winning technical support
solution provided by Cisco. TAC centres are strategically located around
the globe so as to provide a “follow the sun” support solution. This
means that whatever time of day or night it is, you will be able to talk
to a knowledgeable engineer at the Cisco TAC. Also, as this makes Cisco
Support a 24 hour operation, Cisco will provide constant assistance to
resolve your critical networking problems.

Iphone 4 Battery Replacement Procedures

April 24, 2015

When Apple introduced the iPhone 4 on 24 June 2010 it also changed the battery that was in previous iPhone models. The battery in the iPhone 4 either has 16GB or 32 GB capacity. The iPhone 4 battery replacement unit is a 3.7V 1420 mAh Li-Polymer cell battery. Also the iPhone 4 battery replacement is a bit easier than replacing the batteries on the older versions 3G or 3GS and certainly easier than the iPhone 2G.

If you are at ease with working on rather small electronic units then you can order an iPhone 4 battery replacement kit. This replacement kit will include the battery, a plastic case opening tool to remove the rear panel which is sometimes called an iPod opening tool, a Phillips head screwdriver size #00 or as some of the iPhone 4s have an iPhone 4 5-point screw, called pentalobe screws, you will need the iPhone 4 5-point screwdriver to remove those screws. The kit should include an instruction page or give you an online website that has the replacement instructions in video or picture format.

When you go to replace the battery on the iPhone 4 you will need to remove the rear panel and also remove the battery. You begin by making sure your iPhone 4 is turned off. Then you take off the rear panel by removing the outside screws near the connector for the dock. Then you push the rear panel to remove. Next you have to take off the screw connecting the battery connector to the motherboard. You have to take the battery connector up very carefully so you dont pull or jerk it off. Also remove the antenna contact. Then you have to take out the battery using the plastic tab that is sticking up at the side of the battery. Again this has to be preformed very carefully so you dont damage anything inside the back of the iPhone. When you insert your new battery you will have to reverse this procedure. Of course if you do it yourself you void any Apple warranty you may have.

Since Apple generally has a one year warranty if your iPhone is less than a year old and it will be if you purchased it recently then just send it back to Apple for replacement as this is the safest way to do it. But when you get the iPhone back from Apple you will not have any data in it so make sure you have backed all of your data up with an iTunes backup. Make sure you back up your iTunes, contacts, photos you want to keep, any email account settings, text messages you want to save and so forth. If you choose to send your iPhone to a third party repair place such as an internet site that specializes in iPhone repair you would get back your iPhone 4 with your data restored in it. If you go this route you will have to remember to send them any unlock passwords too.

Linux Is An Alternative Operating System

April 23, 2015

Linux is an alternative, open source operating system. It is alternative because it runs on the same hardware that the market share leader (Microsoft Windows) runs on, open source because it is not only freely obtained (via various channels such as online downloads, free CDs that come with magazines and books, etc…), but also because its source code (the actual computer instructions that make the software work) is also freely accessible and modifiable.

The fact that Linux is freely available for anyone to obtain and tinker with has been a boon for the adoption and use of Linux with computer enthusiasts, geeks, nerds and the like. These enthusiasts like the fact that the code is right there in front of them for them to change to their needs. A competent programmer, even a hobbyist, can customize Linux to their needs to a much more refined level than they could with MS Windows, Apples Mac OS, and even other more proprietary flavors of UNIX.

There is a very active and thriving developer community surrounding Linux. There are literally thousands of websites out there devoted to the subject matter. All sorts of knowledge bases, forums, chat rooms and message boards are dedicated to the goings on in the Linux and open source community.

Another excellent facet of the Linux community is the fact that the majority of the software applications written for the operating system is also made available with the same open source license, which means that an enthusiast (or a professional for that matter) can build and customize a Linux system that is perfectly tailored to their needs with little to no investment beyond the initial purchase of the hardware.

A sound studio engineer, for example, could build a Linux machine that has been custom tailored to run the effects on a sound board or to function as a recording device for digital audio, while a graphic artist may build a machine that has been built from the ground up to be an efficient design machine.

Apple iPhone Download Site Reviews

April 22, 2015

As the Apple iPhone continues to grow in popularity more and more
iPhone download sites are springing up. With so many new download sites
appearing it can be difficult to decide which one to sign up with. To
make your decision easier here are some reviews of the top iPhone
download sites.

#1 – iPhone Unlimited

iPhone Unlimited is
highly recommended to every iPhone owner. As a member not only will you
be able to download easy to use software to unlock your iPhone you will
also get a lifetime membership to a download area literally crammed with
software, music, movies, games and much more.

One of the best
things about iPhone Unlimited is the excellent value for money. As your
membership is a one off payment for unlimited lifetime access you don’t
need to worry about paying for every single download or having to pay
monthly bills. In addition some other sites offering lifetime access
only provide you with the download area. At iPhone Unlimited not only do
you get the download area but you also get the software to unlock your
iPhone should you wish to use it on another network plus many other
great tools.

The unlocking method provided by iPhone Unlimited is
100% safe unlike some of the cheap scams currently floating around on
the internet that will damage your iPhone. If you want to unlock your
iPhone take care and only use the safe software provided by iPhone

#2 – iPhone Nova

iPhone Nova is a very close
runner up to iPhone Unlimited. There is a vast selection of downloads
available including movie, music, TV shows, games and software. There
are also a number of very useful tools to help you transfer your media
on to your iPhone as well as DVD to iPhone tools. The site is very user
friendly and easy to navigate.

At iPhone Nova you also get excellent customer
support. There’s free 24 technical support to help you if you ever have
any problems and free step by step tutorials to help you start making
the most of your membership immediately. Like iPhone Unlimited your
membership is a one time unlimited lifetime payment so again there are
no per download or monthly fees to worry about.

If you are looking
to copy your DVDs onto your iPhone then iPhone Nova would be your best
choice. The free DVD to iPhone software that is included in your
membership makes transferring your DVDs very easy indeed.

#3 – iPhone Download Pro

Download Pro is another impressive download site. Like the previous two
sites it also provides you with plenty of features and an impressive
amount of downloads. There is a very large selection of games, music,
movies, TV shows, software and much more.

As with iPhone Nova
there is also free 24 technical support to help you out should you need
it and step by step video tutorials to assist you. Again your membership
is a one time payment for unlimited lifetime access so you don’t need
to worry about per download or monthly fees.

There is also free
software to help you transfer your DVDs to your PC and to your iPhone
which makes iPhone Download Pro even better value for money.